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Disney Sunset
Disney Sunset



Praying - is apparently a huge thing.
ALL religions practice it.
Even people who don't believe in God's existence cry out in prayer when they are in dire need.
Justin Bieber sang about it.
So what is it to you?

I do it too. Everytime I pray, it's not the same.
Sometimes I cry.
Sometimes I declare truths that break the power of negative thoughts.
Sometimes I simply tell the recipient of my prayers how my day was, how I feel.
Sometimes I just listen.

Prayer is conversation.
I pray to connect with my Helper, my Creator, my Dad who listens to everything, who answers in His time.
Without prayer, life would be meaningless, without hope, without a clear direction.

I recently found this picture that touched my heart.
I love the fact that prayer changes things.
It changes me.
I'm in need of that connection with my Creator that comes only through prayer.
So, yes, praying is really a huge thing.


Putting a smile on their faces.

The outreach event at Angsana USJ 1 last Saturday was an awesome success!

By God's grace, we put a smile on over 120 kids' faces and I was personally inspired by the genuine love shown by the volunteers towards the kids and their families.

Here are some photos (by Gaby AT and Victor Yu) Selected from Facebook.

Starting point - We met at Project Fireflies centre
Some kids were so semangat that they waited at the field since 8.30am!
So the volunteers had to keep them entertained until registration start.
Even Lionel Messi didn't want to miss the fun!
Good things come in 2's?
Joanne, Stephanie and Jochebed doing their stuff.
Our MC briefing the kids.
The balloon-team getting their gear ready.
And the fun began!
Boys were divided into teams for the football competition.
Coach Mahesh: Hari ini strategi kami adalah untuk makan ais krim!
Coach Kerry: Jangan pandang mak-we sambil main bola tau!
Fuiyoh! Girls playing football! Way to go!
Alamak! Collision on the field!
Thank God we had Dr Stephen on-call :)
Most girls went for gymnastics/dance.
We had a few younger boys too!
Colourful ribbons in action!
Swing it!
Coach SinYee: Luruskan tangan tu, nanti terbelit kang...
Coach Tammy: .... (limited Malay :P)
Whee! This is so fun!
Guitar workshop was the only programme under a shed.
They were cranking up under the canopy...
Some kids were pretty serious on learning to be a rockstar!
Guitar teachers: Tekan sini sini sana sini.
While all the fun was going on, volunteers served their parents :-
By baby-sitting younger children who weren't old enough to join the programmes!
Nanny Gaby: Babies love me cos I'm comfy :)
Kids saw the Media team at work and asked:
"Teacher, camera tu untuk TV ke? Yang tu 8tv punya ke?"
Josh: Kami dari Channel 6 KC TV...
Kids: *scratches head* ???
Syazwan, one of the kids from Project Fireflies, showing off his paparazi pose.
After an hour of fun, kids and their families were given their treats:
Free ice-cream!
Courtesy of the Last Polka.
Nutella...Horlicks...Malt + PB...Black Sesame...
Eeni mini maini mo.
Kids enjoying the ice-cream with their parents.
Nothing beats having ice-cream sitting on the grass after a hot day!
Group photo!

I have to say that it was a privilege to be part of this successful outreach.
Well done people! I am already looking forward to see the kids at Angsana for Project Fireflies :)

PS: The Project Fireflies centre is open every Wednesday and Friday for kids from unfortunate /underprivileged families to come for English and Maths tuition, do their homework, learn arts and crafts, play games and just hang out. Drop-by Angsana flats Block H 1st unit on the left corner if you like :D I am sure the kids will be happy to meet you.

God bless~!


Kids Ice Cream Day!

KingdomUni of Kingdom City Church PJ believes that God has called the church to rise up and go out to a world that is in need of Christ. In line with its passion for this nation, KingdomUni is having an outreach event on 27.11.2010 from 9.00am until 12.30pm at Angsana USJ 1, Subang Jaya.

In this outreach event, there will be football competition, dance/gymnastics lesson and guitar
workshop with prizes and gifts all going on at the open-concrete field behind the Angsana low cost flats. At the end of the event, all kids will get free feel-good ice cream, courtesy of the Last Polka.

This event is a collaboration between KingdumUni and
Project Fireflies which is a community project started by people who're passionate about making a difference in the lives of less fortunate under-achieving children in USJ 1.
If you would like to get involved either by volunteering on the day of the event, or make a donation to Project Fireflies, please check out this video : http://vimeo.com/16720393

Here are the links to some of the photos of Project Fireflies :-
Children Medical Camp -
Fireflies Graduation -
Transforming Angsana -

I am looking forward to this event and seeing the smiles on the faces of the children who will come, and also see the joy in their eyes as they head home after the event.

Look out for the photos of the outreach! :)


Insignificantly Famous.

There's a new movie in my Favourite-List : Unstoppable.

I watched it last Saturday with Teng Yung, and we both liked it a lot. It's intense and every minute gives an on-the-edge feeling. The best part is that it is inspired by true events!

Denzel Washington and Chris Pine's characters, Frank Barnes and Will Colson were based on 2 men named Jon Hosfeld and Mike Smith who actually lived the story depicted in the blockbuster movie that happened on 15th May 2001. So many people lived because of their courage in risking their own lives to stop the rain, now known as the 'Crazy Eights'.

After watching the movie, I thought about how awesome that it is inspired by true events. It hit me that those events really happened, and those men really did it! But if it wasn't for the movie, me and so many people wouldn't have known about this significant event.

There must have been incidents in our lives where real people risked their lives or made sacrifices to save us or to make a real-significant-meaningful difference. But they never made the news, and even if it did, it wouldn't have been as famous as 'Who's Justin Bieber Dating Now' or 'Lady Gaga's Meat Purse'.

I know many people in my life like Hosfeld. What they've done may be insignificant on the world's scale of significance in comparison to other news. But to me, they are the real famous people, and they are really insignificantly famous. Eternally significant.

Do you know someone like that in your own life? :)

If yes, I would love to hear from you.



I haven't had a free Saturday morning for ages! So since it was my first free Saturday morning after so long, I decided to do something unusual - to join Jai and Daenielle for their Saturday morning badminton sessions at Ara Court Badminton Hall, Sg Kayu Ara PJ.

There was a promotion going on for the courts there and it's pretty cheap! If you are a badminton enthusiast, you must check it out. Jai and Daenielle would love to have more people join them for badminton every Saturday and they are both good players! If you are interested, please don't hesitate to join them ;)

Anyways, back to the topic...I haven't play badminton in ages! After 2 hours of badminton yesterday, I woke up this morning and felt like I just went for a battle in the war! My arms and legs are aching until the tips of my hair. It was even painful to sit on my bum! :-O A slight twist of the body and a little lifting of my arms and legs will be followed by an "Ouch!" or "Argh!"

I walk funnily today, haha, simply because my aching legs don't allow to walk normal.

Lesson of this is: Exercise regularly. Haha. I don't think any Perskindol and massage will help now. Lets just hope I recover sooner :P



Light: an illuminating agent or source.

...but what a difference it can make!

Not just to let us see in the dark, but also for decoration and dressing up. Like dressing up the Kuala Kangsar clock tower.

When driving into town at night and if the lights are on, my dad would always say :"Wow, look at the clock tower! It's in a beautiful blue dress today!" :) I've seen it in yellow too. It is nice!

Yes, light can make a huge difference. And I know, Jesus is The Light :D


Weird + Fun.

I am prone to having weird but fun moments, Haha, just because I'm weird myself.


This morning, I received a weird SMS from a stranger. I thought he must have sent it to the wrong person. I just deleted the SMS and went back to sleep.

Later, he called! And the conversation went like this (Translated from Mandarin):
SY (Weirdo 1):Hello?
Weirdo 2: Sin Yee rite?
Weirdo 1: Ya...
Weirdo 2: Did you see the 'Dada' SMS this morning?
Weirdo 1: Ya...
Weirdo 2: Can you please keep the netbook 1st. It's downstairs by the staircase.
Weirdo 1: You mean at home? Downstairs?
Weirdo 2: Ya, beside the pile of my clothes...
Weirdo 1: Huh? I didn't see it wor...don't have what netbook also...
Weirdo 2: Oh, you wait ah... (background noise of Weirdo 2 talking to Weirdo 3 "You called the wrong person is it??")
Weirdo 2: Hello?
Weirdo 1: I think you called the wrong person.
- Weirdo 2 hung up phone - Tut Tut Tut Tut -

LOL. What a fun morning.
Eventhough I don't know who's that person, I will still layan for the fun of it and see how it ends.




Went to Skytrex yesterday with 15 other out-door lunatics from church.
It was awesome!
21 extreme obtacles in the sky, and we passed them all! Yipee! (except for monkey bars which only Tony and Kevin managed to complete)
The best was flying fox, because its the only one which we don't have to use any energy for. Just sit, relax and enjoy the fly. The rest were quite challenging really.
Not recommended for people who are afraid of heights, but definitely a must-visit place :)
You can check it out here: http://www.skytrex-adventure.com/
Now, my WHOLE body is aching! LOL


A Step Of Faith.

I couldn't leave office in time to avoid the heavy rain yesterday. I waited at the edge of a walk-way either for some kind soul to offer me cover to my car, or for the rain to subside.

I became desperate since I had dinner appointment with Hugan and Yoges at Piccadilly PJ. So, like what every desperate person would do (No, I didn't terrorise a passer-by to give me his umbrella), I prayed to God to make the rain stop, or give me an umbrella.

I prayed again and again. Didn't seem to change.

I couldn't wait any longer, so I thought 'Oh what the heck, get wet get wet la...maybe once I step out it will subside'. And, I took my step of faith, started walking in the rain towards my car. And the rain subsided once I started walking.

I thought about it and figured that God was joking with me. But then again, it is true that sometimes, in order to see God move in our lives, we are the ones who need to take the first step of faith. Once we do, everything else will fall into place. Right?

Or else, what the Bible say 'We cannot please God without faith' would be false.

God bless ya!


God's Protecting Me.

Thank God for protecting me in times of danger.

Last night, I finished work around 11.45pm and haven't had dinner. So I decided to drive to the nearest McD's. The street was very quiet. My car was parked somewhere further from my house because there was no other place for me to park. When I stepped out of my house, another car suddenly turned into the road that I was crossing. It has big, loud exhaust, and sure enough it was making all the noise it can possibly make, disturbing the stillness of the night.

The guy in the car whistled as he drove past, and his scary loud laughter faded off as his car drifted off into another corner at the end of the road. Oh man, I just stepped out of my house! My car is still quite a distance away. And I seem to be the only human being around.

So I quickened my steps towards my car, fumbling through my bag full of rubbish for my car keys. And then I heard those loud exhaust again. It was getting nearer and nearer and I was SO scared. I still have to cross another road to get to my car. So I quickened my steps some more. Thank God the guy only reached where I was after I opened my car door. But I heard him shout "Baby, need some ride?!!" And then he drifted off into another street again until his tail-lights were gone, and so was the noise of the exhaust and his evil laugh.

Of course I didn't sit in my car and wait for him to come back. I immediately ignited the engine and sped off to McD's. While I was driving, I could still hear that laughter in my head, creeping the crap out of me. But when I turned to God, I thank Him for protecting me. Who knows what could have happened to me, or if that guy actually reached me before I could cross the road to my car.

Really thank God for protecting me.


Finger Juice - RedtroClassic.

Transforming my journal.

Yin Yang.

Starry Starry Nite.

RedtroClassic - a fusion.


Velvet On Paper.

Finger Juice - Cherry Blossoms.

First cup of Finger Juice posted here :)
Just thought I'd get some feedbacks to improve.

A peek from the top.

With love.


Cherry blossoms.

Clearly handmade.

Yellow Butterflies.

I don't know about you but I see so many yellow butterflies recently. I saw it in my walks, as I was driving, as I look out my window, as I step out of my house door, it seemed to be everywhere I looked!

So what's the big deal about yellow butterflies?

The first meaningful memory I have about yellow butterflies was the Penang Butterfly Park which my parents took me to when I was really small. At home, the picture of little Sin Yee holding a paper cone looking into every bush trying to capture a butterfly is still in the photo album that I browse through twice a year. It was an indication of how much my parents loved me, and they would always take me to nice places so that I can have the best.

Later on, yellow butterflies didn't really mean much to me until I came to know God. There was a time just after I accepted Christ as I was taking my morning stroll along Gurney beach in Penang, I said a prayer to God and the second I opened my eyes, I saw a yellow butterfly fluttering by. It was small, yet brightly beautiful. It made me smile :)

Whenever I see a yellow butterfly now, it reminds me of how much my earthly parents love me, also how near and how real my Saviour can be and how much He loves me. If He didn't, He wouldn't have let that beautiful yellow butterfly flutter by ;)

So what reminds you of how much you are loved?


Not an ordinary Saturday.

Last Saturday was one of my craziest Saturdays.

I don't remember when was the last time I woke up at 5am in the morning. But I did last Saturday. The reason? Well, I signed up for RunNat. Over a thousand Christians all over Malaysia has purposed to Run For The Nation on that fateful Saturday morning. So I ran only 5km, together with 3 other new friends I made that morning. But the coolest part? We didn't just run. We ran AND prayed at the same time.

I really like the RunNat concept. So from 5am in the morning until 12pm there were people praying for Malaysia. It didn't happen just in KL. It happened ALL OVER Malaysia. So within the span of 7 hours divided into 8 slots each covered by a group of 3 to 5 running for 5km, we covered the nation in prayer while we run over 1000km altogether. How cool is that?!

My group's slot was at 6.20am until 7am. I got assigned by the system to Kepong-Sg Buloh!! I had no idea how my name got loose from the KingdomCity gang which was running in Putrajaya. But I believed I got assigned there for a reason lah. It was raining when we ran. Our 'baton', which was a 7-page prayer card that will be passed from group to group, was already wet and koyak when it reached us. Haha! But we prayed fervently and loudly nevertheless, attracting many onlookers.

It was a cool morning!!

Then I rushed home to fetch my mom to Wisma Pandu Puteri for her meeting, grabbing some breakfast at a mamak shop with her and enjoying the cloudy morning together.

Then I rushed off to Fireflies, which was awesome!!! A kid in my class brought chocolate cake for me. How sweet!!

Then coaching...and then Fireflies teachers meeting, which was by God's grace very very productive. We came up with so many great ideas on how to improve Fireflies and how we can impact the lives of people there. I thought some ideas were pretty cool.

And then pick mom up, go to Klang for sea food with my aunt and family...When I was in Klang, I didn't think about the one person I thought I would think of. Breakthrough!! Yeah!! Thank You God...but I thought of Cherinnee, and how she said the cow by the side of the road was a big dog. Hahaha!! I will never forget that every time I go to Botanic. Never :)


It's been a while.

Felt like ages since I last blogged.

So much has happened, where should I start?

Well, I am getting the hang of legal practice, and I have started part-time coaching gymnastics. Practice is getting more difficult, even more so with the new systems in court that is not practice-friendly at all. One thing good though is that now courts dispose off cases faster, though sometimes at the cost of justice. And each time when a client comes to office to meet me for discussion of an issue they have, whether it's divorce, or construction problem, debts issue, I always wish that they knew Jesus too. Because if they did, everything would be different....(and a train of thoughts ensued, which I will not dwell in here). Coaching is FUN! Really plan to do it full time in near future. The girls in my classes are cool! They really test my patience, especially when one of them poop-ed in my class. I am not joking. It was a nightmare! And my very 1st experience.

Fireflies is coming to an end for the 1st semester. New kids will be joining us soon. Recently, I got two Teacher's Day cards from the Fireflies kids. They are so lovely. And I like the fact that I am used by God to bring hope to these kids. Love them so much. I do hope I have made some good impact in these kids' lives that will be carried on into their future. I have faith that God will nurture those seeds.

Church is one word -AWESOME! It's getting better each week, no kidding. God is so faithful and good. He never failed to show up and touch lives, including my own. There was a time I had to deal with disappointment, and that wasn't the sweetest season in my life. But I really thank God for being there for me, never in a single mili-second left my side. KingdomUni and KingdomKids are launching, or launched...hahaha, I am not even sure. But, I am sure that they are awesome!!! The kids rooms were recently painted, and man, they make me want to be a kid again so badly! And the youths, well, never more vibrant than this! We are seeing more and more new faces each week in church. It is very encouraging to see this amazing family grow.

I am seriously considering starting a crafts business, or if not teach kids to do crafts. There is always something about arts and crafts...I guess it's the way it can bring out the best creativity in a kid and promote thinking outside the box. I love the wild imagination in a kid's mind. It always dazzle me. Really.

And, finally, I am seeing someone. And I like Channing Tatum. Haha.

Adios for now. Zoo-eey-Mama!


Zooming Out.

Some counters in banks, courts or companies separate the officers and the customers with glass on which you can see rows of tiny holes.

I never really knew why the holes are there. Maybe it's for breathing, maybe it's for the person on the other side of the glass to hear better. I don't know.

But when I looked closer at the glass at the court payment counter this morning, it was obvious the cleaners only cleaned the glass but forgot about the tiny holes. The holes were dusty, and dirty. The first thought that came to my mind was 'Man, this glass is dirty!'.

But is it really?

I found myself zooming in on the tiny holes only, and was in total ignorance of the big piece of clean glass that was right in front of my face. All I saw was the dirty tiny holes, not the clean wide glass. The tiny holes were dirty, but not the glass.

I wondered it I have looked at people that way too. As human beings, we tend to zoom in on the small imperfections in others but often when we do that, we forgot to see the bigger picture. We point our fingers at others for their once, twice in a lifetime mistakes or small abnormalities, and forgot all about the truth that life of these people is bigger than that and there is still a long journey ahead for them. We zoomed in on their small imperfections and made them the only image in our viewing screen.

We all, myself included, should zoom out more on people. The small imperfections are only a small part of who a person really is. If we don't zoom out, then we will be missing out on knowing the person as that person really is.

...plus...we don't see the blackheads anymore. Hahaha!


Pregnancy Contrast.

I received news from a close sister in church that she just got pregnant!
I was exhilarated! So much joy flowed out of me because of that news, and I am looking forward to becoming an aunt to their kid. That's great news!

Well, they were the second newly-wed couple in church after a year or 2 to conceive. This is great news!! :D Very very exciting too.

But when I think of other friends of mine who got pregnant, I don't feel that same kinda joy when I found out that they are pregnant. In fact, it is mostly feeling of pity and sorry... because these 2nd group of pregnancies are those that became the reason for their marriage.

Shot-gun weddings are just not the same as real proper weddings.
And bearing a child on purpose is just not the same as taking responsibility of the consequece of two persons' uncontrolled lust.

It's not like I am not happy about them getting married because of a child that's coming. At least the man is taking responsibility as the father and husband. But the joy is never quite complete in these instances. And I always find myself praying quietly and crossing my fingers that their marriage will turn out good.

The contrast in the feelings for both groups of pregnancies confounds me. Either way, bringing a new life into the world, being the chosen two to bring into this world a person created by God is something to be celebrated.

But if I am able to choose (praise Jesus that we are all able to!), I would rather have the complete-pure joy of bringing into this world a new life on purpose, and not with a duty on my shoulders as a result of an act of lust. After all, life is about choices, ain't it?

I hope I, and you can choose right.


Revealing 1 MALAYsia.

When the Prime Minister of Malaysia launched the 1 Malaysia campaign after he was appointed, it was so promising and gave many, especially the minority races in Malaysia, hopes that every individual in this multi-racial and multi-ethnic nation will for once be treated fairly, if not equally.

We all thought (or at least I thought): YES! Finally the government decides to remove the Malay/Chinese/Indian/Bumiputra/Non-Bumiputra label given to each person long time ago, and sincerely see each person as 'Malaysian'.

But unfortunately, we all thought wrong.

On the surface, 1 Malaysia is so appealing, giving many the idea that each of us is the same 'Malaysian'. However, the recent turn of events revealed the propaganda hidden behind this appealing-promising campaign. It's back to square one, again.

The idea they had for 1 Malaysia is this: "1 Malaysia bukan kesaksamaan, tetapi keadilan" (1 Malaysia is not about equality, but about fairness.) Further elaboration about what "fairness" means to them would be: The majority wins. So much for democracy.

So, if the majority says that:
- the unmerituous privileges bestowed upon a certain race in Malaysia should stand, it stands.
- shareholding in a registered company must include a certain percentage of a certain race, it must be so.
- special discounts should be given to a certain race in loans, it must be given.
- certain land can only be sold or transferred to purchasers of certain race, so be it.
- the majority should have 9 share of a cake, and the rest is to be shared between the minority, that is fairness...even if those 9 share is the harvest from the hardwork of the minority.
- non-Bumi's are parasites of this nation, that is what non-Bumi's will be eternally.

But, don't we ALL pay tax irregardless of race? And where does this tax go to? Catering to the needs of the needy really? Or covering for subsidies given to the special race? Who are the real parasites? And who makes the majority? I think you and I know very well what the answer is.

I had high hopes when 1 Malaysia was launched by the Prime Minister. In fact, I was fully supportive of the 'new' things the Prime Minister was introducing in his administration of this nation. Perhaps I was too idealistic, tsk tsk tsk.

Now, all I have left is million pieces of crushed hope.
And many feel the same way.

I pray that SOON, all in this nation and especially the leaders, will see past the race/ethnic of each individual, and see that we are all created equal in God's eyes, and placed in this beautiful nation for a purpose - working together to make it a better place to live in.



The daily busyness makes us forget how vulnerable we are as human being.
Often people wake up to embrace that reality only when something or someone precious is in jeopardy, or worse, lost.

I've been slapped with this wake up call many times. They always make me realise how I am not connecting enough with my loved ones and people who matter to me. Sometimes, it is already too late.

Don't wait til something happens to tell your loved ones that you love them. Don't wait til the other person apologize. Don't wait til the last moments of your lives to spend time connecting with people who matter, for we are, inevitably, vulnerable.

God bless you BIG.


Rainy Rat.

It rains almost every evening this February.

One day, it began to rain really heavily around 5p.m. and when I turned around to look outside the window behind my back, checking out how heavy the rain was, I saw a rat outside my window!

I wanted to snap its photo but the moment I lifted the blinds, it scattered off.

On Friday last week, it rained again in the evening and when I turned around, there it was again! That rat which will come visit me when it rains!

This time, I lifted the blinds silently and slowly, and voila! I snapped it :D

Lets see if it visits me again when it rains today, haha.

God bless you!


Poor Water Bottle.

I just got back from lunch and just had to post this.

I ate chili pan mee at Taipan. I sat facing the road, thinking that it would be more interesting to observe what's going on outside and the people that pass by.

I saw a man walking towards his car parked opposite the pan mee restaurant. He opened the back passenger door, put his laptop bag in, put his water bottle on top oh his car while he was doing that. After he slammed the door shut, he immediately drove off.

The water bottle was still on top of his car....and he drove off like that.
HAHA. This made my day! :D

Harimau mari.

2010 in the Lunar calender is the year of the tiger / harimau.

There was already a film made in Malaysia starring many famous Chinese-Malaysian DJ's based on a Chinese tradition in Kuantan that every 60 years, this particular family entrusted with safekeeping the 'Tiger head' would do a ritual dance - Tiger dance (instead of lion dance) to usher in prosperity and goodness into the life of that village.

I enjoyed the film, and laughed really hard. I have to say the DJ's can act! But I was more amazed at how beautiful Malaysia (Kuantan to be more exact) was portrayed to be by the filmmakers. After watching it, I can't help but sigh at how fortunate I am to be living in a beautiful place like Malaysia. It's a good film, if you understand Chinese or don't mind reading the subtitles, go watch it :) It's called Tiger Woohoo!
Beautiful, and a very touching film.

I hear so much being said about what is good and what is not good in the year of the tiger. Here's my take on a couple of those Chinese superstitions :-

a) It's not a good year to get married.
My take: Crap. Really. Marriage is hard work no matter what and takes effort and commitment from both sides to make it work. So are you saying that if two person get married in the year of the rabbit, they would be very productive? :P It really doesn't matter which year you marry in. Please don't be bound by stupid superstitions like this! And trust me...I've done some divorce cases. None of them married in the year of the tiger.

b) Better for boys to be born in this year than girls, for they turn fierce.
My take: I know some really 'tame' girls born in the year of the tiger. My observation is that even if that girl is not firece, because she lives in an environment that expects her to be, people around her would treat her like she is a 'tiger'. The saying that 'You are what you eat' applies...though here it's more like 'You are what you eat emotionally'. Just like how you will become depress if you hangout with a depress person a lot, girls who are originally not fierce will become fierce sinply because the society expects them to be. They will be influenced by the environment what the stigmas that people attach to them.

c) Girls born in the year of the tiger won't be successful.
My take: Crap again! My aun't born in the year of the tiger. She is successful. Have two kids, a lovely family. A stable career, and big savings. Enough said.

Every year is a year overflowing with blessings and goodness, and amazing things because our God isn't One who will want otherwise for us, not even a tiny bit. Tiger or not, it won't change who God is and what He wants for us.

Happy Chinese New Year!


How He Reminds Me.

This is how He reminds me that He is still God, and that nothing can take over His place, plans and will:

I planned to head home straight after work today, take a quick shower and head to the supermarket to shop for some food we need for New Friends Nite at Kingdom City Church tomorrow. To do it tomorrow would make my schedule more hectic. And then, I thought of going home after that to do my laundry, prepare for Fireflies tomorrow, and also prepare for gymnastics class before I meet Joanne for supper.

But, when I was leaving my office, it began to rain cats and dogs! So heavy that Taipan was mildly flooded. So I was stranded and could not cross over to the opposite housing area where my car was parked.

I didn't plan on having KFC for dinner. But as I was waiting for the rain to subside at the corner of the shoplots about 200 meters away from my car where KFC was at Taipan, I thought "Oh well, might as well have dinner...at least I can get ONE thing done." I don't like KFC :( But I had no choice tonight.

I got home at 8.30pm, that's 90 minutes behind my initially planned schedule. So I had to strike off a few things on my to-do list. My night became different from what it was supposed to be. It was God who changed it all.

He purposely did that so that in my time of waiting and chewing on the not-very-nice chicken (I really don't like KFC anymore) I could think of Him and ask Him why did He make it rain so heavily. It was His way of reminding me that He is still the God who is in control, and the One who reigns no matter what I have got planned, and no matter how life turns out to be.

We could all type out our life-plan from A-Z, and even have the details added to it. But God, being God, can change everything with just one touch, one word, one event, one second. He changed everything tonight for me with just one heavy rain. He changed everything for Hannah with just one baby boy. He changed everything for the blind man, the woman with the blood issue and the man with cacat hand with just one touch of healing.

This shows the true nature of my God - that in times of trouble and distress, it only takes one God-moment to change everything. It doesn't take a lot...just ONE touch, and ONE sacrifice, One Son - Jesus.

That was how He reminded me that He is God, and it only take one God-willed change to change everything else.

Praise Him!


And yet...

Why is it that when bad things happen, we blame God for them?
But why is it that when good things happen, we never took time to thank God for them?

We always cry out to God for help when we are in trouble.
But we never took the time to talk to Him and connect with Him like real friends do when life is smooth-sailing.

When we achieve something or do something good, we take all the credit for ourselves.
But when we are accused and misunderstood, we take it all on God and never for a second admit that we may have been mistaken.

We tend to only give to God the bad things we have, asking Him to either take them away or turn it around for our good.
But we almost never share the good things we have with Him, nor ask Him to multiply it even more for the glory of His name and not our own.

We are so selfish. I am so selfish.

And yet, all He could think of is me, all He does is for me, and He gave His all for me.

I will never deserve His unfailing love.
But Jesus never stopped loving me, unconditionally.


2010 - The Roads

Good day 2010! Welcome :)

2010 looks like this : Roads every where.

I am entering a new district in my drive towards Jesus, the ultimate destination.

I see that there are new bumps on the current road which were not there before. Honestly, I don't like bumps. But they are there for a good reason.

And then, there are roads which have been closed and I can no longer turn into them. But God has also open up new roads for me leading to experiences and blessings which I have never been to.

It's a totally new scenery now. And, I really like it!

Thank God for this new year, and the greater things which He has planned.