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Zooming Out.

Some counters in banks, courts or companies separate the officers and the customers with glass on which you can see rows of tiny holes.

I never really knew why the holes are there. Maybe it's for breathing, maybe it's for the person on the other side of the glass to hear better. I don't know.

But when I looked closer at the glass at the court payment counter this morning, it was obvious the cleaners only cleaned the glass but forgot about the tiny holes. The holes were dusty, and dirty. The first thought that came to my mind was 'Man, this glass is dirty!'.

But is it really?

I found myself zooming in on the tiny holes only, and was in total ignorance of the big piece of clean glass that was right in front of my face. All I saw was the dirty tiny holes, not the clean wide glass. The tiny holes were dirty, but not the glass.

I wondered it I have looked at people that way too. As human beings, we tend to zoom in on the small imperfections in others but often when we do that, we forgot to see the bigger picture. We point our fingers at others for their once, twice in a lifetime mistakes or small abnormalities, and forgot all about the truth that life of these people is bigger than that and there is still a long journey ahead for them. We zoomed in on their small imperfections and made them the only image in our viewing screen.

We all, myself included, should zoom out more on people. The small imperfections are only a small part of who a person really is. If we don't zoom out, then we will be missing out on knowing the person as that person really is.

...plus...we don't see the blackheads anymore. Hahaha!