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Why I Quit Gymnastics

I did what I would do during every long holiday...I visited my old secondary school and the hall where the national gymnasts have their daily practice.

It's been 4 damn years since I last perform those stunts in that very same hall. When I watched the seniors (they were my juniors) perform their ribbon and clubs routines, I was amazed and captivated! I'm so proud of them. From splits to back bends, pivots to cart-wheels, they did it gracefully and neatly. In fact, they are better than the seniors 4 years ago (including me hehe).

Watching their beautiful movements brought me back to 4 years ago when I love this sport so much....and I wondered why did I choose to bid farewell with gymnastics. A few minutes later, i saw the team manager and a few other state judges walked into the Malaysian Sports Council and I finally remembered why...it was due to politics.

It is sad that politics have to exist anywhere...from the hostel to the training hall, the coaches, and the management of the national gymnastic squad. After the 2001 Sea Games in Kuala Lumpur, I had to decide whether to pursue my career in gymnastics or elsewhere.

Although I dislike the training a little (imagine having to run on the track 10 rounds under the hot 4pm sun just because you gained 100g!), the main factor that made me quit gymnastics was politics. It was really too much for me to handle and I grew so sick and tired of it. I could not face it anymore. In the end, I said goodbye to the sport that I have devoted 7 years of my life to, and the sport that I still love until today - gymnastics.

Well... there is still a gymnast in me... but practically speaking, I cannot start stretching and bending like how I used to do right now. For the love of gymnastics, I can still try something else related to it now... perhaps coaching and dancing? :)

Oh, by the way, did you know that there is actually men rhythmic gymnastics? I love watching them perform ;p



Have you ever had difficulties trying to get the most suitable gift for your family or friends for their birthdays? That was what I experienced today.

I have a birthday party to attend in 2 hours' time and I still haven't got a gift for my friend! Arrghhh!! I did try to find a gift for her. I window shopped from 1.30pm until 4.00pm and practically looked into every shop and corner in Atria, PJ (which is small, thank God!) but in the end, I only end up with a second hand book for my own reading during this holidays and a birthday card. Still no gift!! And I have only 1 hour and 45 minutes left to get one!

It's not that I don't want to get a gift for my friend. I do! But the problem is I just don;t know what to get her. I considered aromatherapy set, necklace, braceleet-watch, a blue top, handbag, scarf and even chocolates. It seems I have too many choices and in the end was unable to make one!

And then I realised it's so much easier to get a gift for a guy friend because the range of gifts are drastically narrower. So it'll be easier to make a decision on what to get for them compared to getting somethign for a girl friend. I'm a girl, and I find it difficult to get a gift for my own kind. Now I truly understand how guys felt when they have no idea what to get for a girl friend.

Then comes the next big headache...budget!

And lastly, people always worry about whether their friend will like the gift... What if I got the wrong gift? What if she didn'tlike the colour? What if she already has an identical handbag or scarf? ....Hmm....ok, I admit I'm a worry-wreck!

Omigod...exactly 90 minutes to get prepared n shop for the gift!

I have decided to go with the handbag...lets hope I don't have second thoughts!