Disney Sunset

Disney Sunset
Disney Sunset


The season is back!

In Malaysia now and especially in Perak where
so many tropical fruit farms are situated,
the King of Fruits returns with its royal pricks
and golden flesh to capture the hearts of
durian lovers again this year.
My dad bought some home as my mom loves it.
I won't trade the moment we had gathering
around my dad as he cuts open the durians
and as we enjoyed the fruit that is
'smelling like Hell and tasting like Heaven'
according to WordNet.
In one of the durians there were two
cute-tiny bags of durian flesh which are of
the size of a guitar pick!
My lil cousin got hold of them and
wouldn't let them go!
They are so cute!!

Just last week my life group leader celebrated
her ??-th birthday (I don't know how old is she).
Her husband, Ben, bought her a cake from Suchan, PJ.
It's called Explosion.
The cake is yummy! I've never eaten any cake
like it before. It's not only different, the mix
of the ingredients are just so perfect!!
Take a look. The name of the cake says a lot
about how it looks like!

God bless you!