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Disney Sunset
Disney Sunset


Sushi n Shrimp.

In this week, I have been blessed with good fellowship time with some friends and some really yummy food too! Just 2 days ago we went to Genki Sushi at One Utama and had plates of tasty sushi with soothing-hot green tea.

As usual, I had one Miso soup (my favourite thing in Japanese cuisine). I really like the cup that they use for the green tea. It has this Genki face which is impossible to imitate.

Yesterday, as Teng Yung and some o fhis classmates wanted to celebrate the end of their final year and final semester exams, they drove all the way down to Telok Gong, Klang for sea food!
We had delicious fried shrimp, Teow Cheow steamed fish, sweet and sour crab, spicy crab, juicy la-la's, etc.

And guess what is the effect of both sushi and shrimp? THIS!
But now I feel a bit guilty. Perhaps I should have saved some of the money spent on the food, switched to some other cheaper food, and buy food for the homeless instead. Sigh...