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Disney Sunset
Disney Sunset


How He Reminds Me.

This is how He reminds me that He is still God, and that nothing can take over His place, plans and will:

I planned to head home straight after work today, take a quick shower and head to the supermarket to shop for some food we need for New Friends Nite at Kingdom City Church tomorrow. To do it tomorrow would make my schedule more hectic. And then, I thought of going home after that to do my laundry, prepare for Fireflies tomorrow, and also prepare for gymnastics class before I meet Joanne for supper.

But, when I was leaving my office, it began to rain cats and dogs! So heavy that Taipan was mildly flooded. So I was stranded and could not cross over to the opposite housing area where my car was parked.

I didn't plan on having KFC for dinner. But as I was waiting for the rain to subside at the corner of the shoplots about 200 meters away from my car where KFC was at Taipan, I thought "Oh well, might as well have dinner...at least I can get ONE thing done." I don't like KFC :( But I had no choice tonight.

I got home at 8.30pm, that's 90 minutes behind my initially planned schedule. So I had to strike off a few things on my to-do list. My night became different from what it was supposed to be. It was God who changed it all.

He purposely did that so that in my time of waiting and chewing on the not-very-nice chicken (I really don't like KFC anymore) I could think of Him and ask Him why did He make it rain so heavily. It was His way of reminding me that He is still the God who is in control, and the One who reigns no matter what I have got planned, and no matter how life turns out to be.

We could all type out our life-plan from A-Z, and even have the details added to it. But God, being God, can change everything with just one touch, one word, one event, one second. He changed everything tonight for me with just one heavy rain. He changed everything for Hannah with just one baby boy. He changed everything for the blind man, the woman with the blood issue and the man with cacat hand with just one touch of healing.

This shows the true nature of my God - that in times of trouble and distress, it only takes one God-moment to change everything. It doesn't take a lot...just ONE touch, and ONE sacrifice, One Son - Jesus.

That was how He reminded me that He is God, and it only take one God-willed change to change everything else.

Praise Him!


And yet...

Why is it that when bad things happen, we blame God for them?
But why is it that when good things happen, we never took time to thank God for them?

We always cry out to God for help when we are in trouble.
But we never took the time to talk to Him and connect with Him like real friends do when life is smooth-sailing.

When we achieve something or do something good, we take all the credit for ourselves.
But when we are accused and misunderstood, we take it all on God and never for a second admit that we may have been mistaken.

We tend to only give to God the bad things we have, asking Him to either take them away or turn it around for our good.
But we almost never share the good things we have with Him, nor ask Him to multiply it even more for the glory of His name and not our own.

We are so selfish. I am so selfish.

And yet, all He could think of is me, all He does is for me, and He gave His all for me.

I will never deserve His unfailing love.
But Jesus never stopped loving me, unconditionally.


2010 - The Roads

Good day 2010! Welcome :)

2010 looks like this : Roads every where.

I am entering a new district in my drive towards Jesus, the ultimate destination.

I see that there are new bumps on the current road which were not there before. Honestly, I don't like bumps. But they are there for a good reason.

And then, there are roads which have been closed and I can no longer turn into them. But God has also open up new roads for me leading to experiences and blessings which I have never been to.

It's a totally new scenery now. And, I really like it!

Thank God for this new year, and the greater things which He has planned.