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Finally, it is time.

August is ending, which means that finally, after the agonizing 3 months long of waiting, it is time...

...to face the good, or the worst...
...to lend a shoulder to a friend who didn't make it...
...to put a stop to the mental and physical torture from waiting...
...to bade farewell to the maximum-utilised holidays...

It is time... for us to march into the office of our colleges to aswer to the shit we created 3 months ago in the stuffy, ill-equipped exam hall...

Oh, not all of us will have to face shit... Well, at least I think I'm one of the candidates who screwed up in the exam in Dewan Cheeseman in June. Hmm, maybe the thoughts of cheese was the main cause of my inability to concentrate during the exam. So now I have to prepare myself mentally and physically (hey, it's not easy to climb a flight of stairs when your legs are the size of KLCC twin tower!) to face my lovely lecturers, minus Saini, to take the results slip!!

I can picture it happenning... As I enter the IPG staff room, all eyes will be fixed on me as I dragged my feet into Saini's office. But my feet will feel as though someone had spread elephant glue on the soles of my shoes and they just won't move an inch... Somehow I managed to walk... Left...Right...Left...Right... until I stopped in front of Saini's desk when he hands me an A4 size paper with an irritating smirk on his Mr. Bean face. I grabbed the paper with my shaky hands, blink twice, takes in a gallon of air, and lower my eyes onto the paper. There, printed in black Times New Roman font, are the results of my Finals Part 1 exam... and...


I'd prefer no to think about it because I know if I did, I will panic! But I can't help it! Last night I even dreamt of my results... which was impossible! In the dream I got 70, 70, 72 and 75! 75??!! Impossible... especially impossible after what I wrote for my last Evidence question... and my Land problem question...and.... Oh, I really don't want to think about it.

I know I have to be prepared for better, and also the worst.

My worries aside... TY got his results just yesterday. To me, he did pretty well!! He got 3 A's and 2 C's. Although he didn't seem to be happy about the C's, I was very very proud of him. In fact, if I got a C, I will be jumping until there's a hole in the ground.

We celebrated his good results at KFC. You must be thinking why KFC? Well, we're both kinda broke and I miss the potato wedges sooooooo much! But I didn't pay attention to the large wedges I ordered or even the spicy chicken lying on my plate calling out to me to eat them quick before they run away. From the moment we sat down until the moment I sipped the last drop of my Pepsi, I was adoring TY all the time.

Honestly, I never expect he would do so well for his studies now :P I admit he is smart, but very lazy too. During Form 5, he missed 80% of classes. While we were cursing Einstein's formulas in physics and the ammonia substance which smelt like fart during chemistry lessons, he was happily sleeping in his hostel dorm, or having his private physics lessons at the snooker centre or Add Maths lessons in his dorm while chor-dee-ing. When he sms-es me, I will know, it's time to lend my exercise books for him to copy so he can pass it up to the teachers. Hmm, maybe that's how we fell in love with each other. He barely knew how to answer 2 simple chemistry questions, but he's getting A's now.

Anyway, my point is, look at how much he has changed over four years!!.....err, hmm, maybe he didn't change at all :P (just look at his cheeky smile and his cunning face in the pic).

Once a womaniser, always a womaniser! Hey, now I see how did he get his A's!!

Wish I can get A's too.


Unfortunately, it's canceled!

I came all the way to KL from Penang today to attend a dance audition...unfortunately, it was canceled!! Really last minute....

Me n my team mates, all five of us prepared hard for this audition, which was suppose to be happening tomorrow at Times Square. Now our hopes are gone ...sob sob....

But nvm...still can perform anytime we want ;) Changing your perspective can really change lots of things! Wow...it's amazing.


20 Going On 21

Celebration with friends at Italianni's 1 Utama. Strangely, the restaurant was using TGI Friday's serviettes!

Celebration at home with family. My cousin (most left one) was also celebrating her 10th birthday, while it's my 21st... but my cake is 10 times smaller than hers sob sob... Got the KEY to freedom and independence - from my parents.

I am officially an adult and can enter the casino without fear of being asked for my IC for inspection by the officers there FINALLY! Haha.

What's my best gift for this birthday? Wonderful friends, family and warm wishes...


Here's the Wannabe's

Performed for the opening of the Rexona No Sweat Dance Challenge Finals yesterday at Orange Dance Club, KL. The event was suppose to start at 4pm but the event'sanagement so inefficient that it was delayed for about an hour! Yeah, it is always 'Malaysian time'.

We have to cancel our full dress rehearsal last minute and had to go on stage unprepared! To make matters worse, my team had never had a practice as a 4-member team together before! It was only yesterday that we, for the first time, danced together and got our positions on the dance floor right. Luckily, thanks to Lily, the choreography of our dance was good and we managed to do OK. THANKS LILY!! WE OWE YOU ONE BIG ONE!

Many turned up for the finals... my old school friends, some celebrity and Hitomi all the way from Penang! Too bad the schedule was hectic and we weren't allowed to take pictures during the event. But I managed to snap some :P

Me in my 'Rexona for men' T-shirt and my bf's jeans (hehe, had to wear baggy jeans) for the performance (too bad no 'for women' :( )
Me and Davina, one of my team mate, taking a nap after the tiring first rehearsal on the couch in the holding room (which was more like a panic room)

Orange Dance Club, KL. Took this photo upon reaching there at 11am. But we only went in at 11.45am!! hai...Malaysian time...

Me, Davina and Bernard (another dance team mate) in his pink cap (eugh! :P ) in full dress waiting for the full dress rehearsal which was unfortunately canceled.

Oops, this is a lil bit dark.. Davina, me, Bernard and Sharol ( I think that's how his name is speeled) after our performance in the 'panic room'.

The show was good. Dance Mania, the winners of the dance challenge were awesome! You guys can catch it on TV3 every Tuesday at 7pm beginning from 9th August! You must watch them dance! :)