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Disney Sunset
Disney Sunset


Pessimism Overload.

Yes, I am a pessimist. Proof?

10 things I hate about myself:
1. My flat-as-airport nose
2. My green bean sized eyes
3. My never-seemed-to-tone-up abs
4. I get jealous easily
5. Always blame myself
6. My shoulders are too broad
7. I'm good at nothing
8. Too emotional
9. I look facially-retarded when I talk
10. Indecisiveness

10 things I like about myself:
1. to 10. My ability to eat like there's no tomorrow :)


Iced Iced Mocha

On the list of my favourite things in IPG, there used to be the canteen's Iced Mocha.

Almost every morning I drink a cup of the Iced Mocha in the canteen while waiting for the clock to strike 8.30am when my classes for the day begin. It was so think, and the balance between the coffee and chocolate was perfect.....

But as you can see, it's all 'WAS'.....

The quality of the Iced Mocha in IPG is declining not slowly, but quickly! It's no longer think.... and it will always be too sweet (too much chocolate) or too thin (too much water).

This morning I bought a cup of Iced Mocha, and I didn't even drink half of it... it's so terrible I can bring myself to drink it.

I have one thing ticked off my favourite things list now.


LLB Mumbler.

Mike Teevee is a mumbler to Willy Wonka. Can you imagine how irritating and pissed Willy Wonka gets whenever Mike Teevee mumbles?

I can. Not because I have watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Not because I have read the book by Roald Dahl.

My class has a mumbler now. And yeah, he's damn irritating!!

Whenever the lecturer says something or is explaining an issue to the class, this LLB Mumbler will just pop a question without asking the lecturer's permission beforehand, or raises his POI's randomly. He does it loudly, but he swallows his words and we can't really hear or understand that he's saying all the time!

The LLB Mumbler is pissing me, AiChing and some other classmates of mine off!


Back to SleepiNess

Yeah! My results are out!! THank Gofd I did well... It'll be disastrous to let me lecturers, friends, TY and my family down (especially after how my granma responded when I told her I did well...she actually said :"Of course U'll do well, cos ur my granchild. My grandchildren never let me down."). Now I really hate to disappoint her, I love my granma very much!

Today's orientation day. I never understand why do we still need to attend orientation although we are continuing students, not freshies! But anyway, it doesn't really matter cos I am not gonna pay attention to what Saini will say, I am just going to get the schedule, catch up with my lovely classmates whom I miss, and then head off for my second time of watching Charlie and The Chocolate Factory :P

I am a chocoholic! Cant miss that movie hehe

Classes had finally resume. Tomorrow's first day of my Finals Part 2, and it is back to era of sleepiness. I can picture myself yawning thousands of times in class...yawn yawn yawn yawn yawn yawn........zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Good night...zzzzzzzzzzz........drool......