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LLB Mumbler.

Mike Teevee is a mumbler to Willy Wonka. Can you imagine how irritating and pissed Willy Wonka gets whenever Mike Teevee mumbles?

I can. Not because I have watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Not because I have read the book by Roald Dahl.

My class has a mumbler now. And yeah, he's damn irritating!!

Whenever the lecturer says something or is explaining an issue to the class, this LLB Mumbler will just pop a question without asking the lecturer's permission beforehand, or raises his POI's randomly. He does it loudly, but he swallows his words and we can't really hear or understand that he's saying all the time!

The LLB Mumbler is pissing me, AiChing and some other classmates of mine off!

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  1. You mean, there is someone more irritating than Chicken Shit in my class? Well, I have to check this out.

    Btw, is the mumbler cute? If he is, then, it is totally forgivable... hehehe...