Disney Sunset

Disney Sunset
Disney Sunset


Pessimism Overload.

Yes, I am a pessimist. Proof?

10 things I hate about myself:
1. My flat-as-airport nose
2. My green bean sized eyes
3. My never-seemed-to-tone-up abs
4. I get jealous easily
5. Always blame myself
6. My shoulders are too broad
7. I'm good at nothing
8. Too emotional
9. I look facially-retarded when I talk
10. Indecisiveness

10 things I like about myself:
1. to 10. My ability to eat like there's no tomorrow :)


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  2. Loke about yourself?

    Anyway, good at nothing? Modest. Too modest.


  3. I am going to smack you!!! From your 'green bean sized eyes' to your 'never seemed to tone up abs'!!!!! *smack*
    If your abs aren't toned up, I'm the Flab Queen. (Actually, I am anyway...)
    PPL,DON'T LISTEN TO HER! Her eyes are fine, her shoulders are fine, her abs are fine, her nose is fine, she DOES NOT look facially retarded, if she's emotional then I'm off the meter, she's good at EVERYTHING. Sheesh.
    Anyway, you're beautiful and smart and talented, okay? Process that and believe it. You're NICE as well! :p