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Dog Nightmare

A stray dog chased me yesterday when I was walking towards my condo from where I parked my car. Of course I knew I couldn't run fast in heels. So I climbed onto a car next to me (Still don't know how I did it). Unfortunately, due to the slippery surface, I slipped and hit my chin on the car's back. I am just so thankful I didn't fall to the ground. The dog was going to bite me, but it missed my foot by a milisecond. Phew...

I sat on that car (I am really sorry to the owner) looking at the dog barking and growling fiercely at me. In the rain, I waited until the dog got tired of barking at me. When it ran off to somewhere else, I quickly took off my heels, and completed my walk home barefoot, keeping a lookout for any sign of that mad dog.

I don't know what's wrong. Dogs and I just don't get along very well somehow.

Sigh...oh well, at least this scene would make a good movie :P

Malaysia-A Land of Good Samaritans.

I rushed back to KL yesterday morning on a bus from Sg. Nibong Penang so that I could reach LT6 on time for service and the launch of 'Superhero' theme for City Kids which I waited excitedly for for about 1 month.

Who knew? I fainted near Puduraya.


The moment I put my foot down on the pavement outside of Puduraya, my head started spinning and I couldn't hear anything. I could only see people walking pass me and their faces were a blur.

The next thing I know, I was making my way up the stairs in KFC, heading towards the toilet. And then it went blank.


I opened my eyes and realised I was squatting on the floor. A kind lady working in KFC took a chair into the toilet for me to sit on and a girl asked me what happened, how I felt, etc. For the first time in mt life, it took me ALL my strength to answer her simple questions.

I asked her to help me get some medicine from Watsons nearby. She went without hesitating and came back with the medicine and a bottle of water. I asked for the price for the items but she said it's OK. She didn't take a cent for the things she bought for me.

Another girl came in and asked me what happened. Then she gave me minyak angin, and all her available medicine which the doctor prescribed for her. She had the same problem as me, she said. I took the meds, but the pain was still there. I relied on Him alone that time, and on His shoulders I lay my head, thanking Him for all these Good Samaritans that He put onto my path today.

All the time I sat in the toilet, vomitting (eugh! All the chocolates I consumed in the bus were processed into chocolate vomit :P which looked like Milo), many people came in and out. Most of them just looked at me and gave a puzzled look.

But I was deeply touched by some of them who showed their concern for me - the KFC lady, the Malay girl who didn't take a cent for the things she bought for me, the Chinese girl who gave her meds to me and a foreign worker who wiped the sweat off my face.

It's good to know that Malaysia still has Good Samaritans like these who make such a big difference in a person's life by the small yet important gestures of theirs.

I hate to miss church, but I truly thank God for being my strength, carrying me until I safely reached the KFC toilet, and calling so many Good Samaritans onto my path.

If you are reading this, I encourage you to lend a hand to people in need although you don't know them, just as the Good Samaritan who took care of the man going down from Jericho to Jerusalem (Luke 10:30-35). It makes a HUGE difference to the people in need of help, especially when they were alone.

God bless ya!