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Pregnancy Contrast.

I received news from a close sister in church that she just got pregnant!
I was exhilarated! So much joy flowed out of me because of that news, and I am looking forward to becoming an aunt to their kid. That's great news!

Well, they were the second newly-wed couple in church after a year or 2 to conceive. This is great news!! :D Very very exciting too.

But when I think of other friends of mine who got pregnant, I don't feel that same kinda joy when I found out that they are pregnant. In fact, it is mostly feeling of pity and sorry... because these 2nd group of pregnancies are those that became the reason for their marriage.

Shot-gun weddings are just not the same as real proper weddings.
And bearing a child on purpose is just not the same as taking responsibility of the consequece of two persons' uncontrolled lust.

It's not like I am not happy about them getting married because of a child that's coming. At least the man is taking responsibility as the father and husband. But the joy is never quite complete in these instances. And I always find myself praying quietly and crossing my fingers that their marriage will turn out good.

The contrast in the feelings for both groups of pregnancies confounds me. Either way, bringing a new life into the world, being the chosen two to bring into this world a person created by God is something to be celebrated.

But if I am able to choose (praise Jesus that we are all able to!), I would rather have the complete-pure joy of bringing into this world a new life on purpose, and not with a duty on my shoulders as a result of an act of lust. After all, life is about choices, ain't it?

I hope I, and you can choose right.