Disney Sunset

Disney Sunset
Disney Sunset


Fiery enough.

Yesterday night, I watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire for the second time.

And I still like it :)

To me it was better than the last 3 Harry Potters. The action part was good (especially the dragon part), romance..hmm, very little but I don't mind, comedy...yes, way funnier than the old Harry Potters.

So I am giving 5 thumbs up to this Harry Potter movie. I am sooooo looking forward to the next episode (but I doubt that there is going to be one).

Oh...10 thumbs up to hot bods of Harry n Ron too!! *drool*


Malaysia's Trademark Scary Ppl

The bus ticket sellers at the Butterworth jetty are suppose to sell tickets... not scare people!

They are so annoying. They will ask every single person they see at the station "Pergi mana? KL? Ipoh? KL?"... "Ah Moi, mau pergi mane?"... "Lai, KL, Ipoh?Alor Setar?"... Once a guy even asked me " Ki to lok (where to in hokkien), An Soon ah?" Hello?? Do I have a line written on my forehead saying that I'm from An Soon??

Worse still, some of them think that people around them are deft! They don't ask us where do we want to go... they scream at us! If you shook your head after they bombarded you with one or two questions on your destination, they will bombard you with extra free questions.. and they are still regarding your destination. Get a grip!! I shook my head and said No already! Now leave me alone!

So I observed how all these ticket sellers approach each an every single person whether they are standing, sitting on the bench or brisk walking to catch their bus. They are so annoying that people just ignore them. I bet if they just sat at their ticket counters and attend to customers who came to the counter, they would have gotten more business... and scared less people.

Maybe having to stay at the filthy bus station does things to you... it makes you go nuts perhaps.

But these scary bus ticket sellers have no right to turn us ordinary people into nuts like them too.


Motion of Love.

Motion of Love sounds like a song title, or novel title to many...even to you I suppose? :)

Five motions of love I gave to others:
1. Smile - a smile can save a life, and it makes you feel your presence is appreciated.
2. Hug - it keeps one warm and very very secured :)
3. Offer chocolates - sorry it has to be chocolates, blame me for being a chocoholic.
4. A phone call - talking on the phone with my loved ones keeps me close to them.
5. Pray - yes, I do pray for them. I'm not Jesus who can perform miracles like building a chocolate factory in a second, so this is the best I can give.

When you love somebody, what do you do to show that you love him or her? Think about it. And I hope you will realise that there have been people showing their love for you too but you might have been too ignorant or blinded to see that. Be more sensitive to your surroundings and observant, you will be asking yourself :"How could I be so blind all this while?"..ok, you don't need to bash your head for this, cos I still love your head :P

The love that I am talking about is not the BGR love or sexual love that many have turned to today... but a type of love more certain and special... that you can show to your friends, family, bf/gf, spouse, your classmate, roommate, or even a stranger on the streets. This love from above kept me going, cos life is all about love. I've seen it... have you?

p/s: Please forgive me for being all lovey-dovey today... it must be all the chocolates I consumed non-stop for the past two weeks.


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