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Disney Sunset
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Dog Nightmare

A stray dog chased me yesterday when I was walking towards my condo from where I parked my car. Of course I knew I couldn't run fast in heels. So I climbed onto a car next to me (Still don't know how I did it). Unfortunately, due to the slippery surface, I slipped and hit my chin on the car's back. I am just so thankful I didn't fall to the ground. The dog was going to bite me, but it missed my foot by a milisecond. Phew...

I sat on that car (I am really sorry to the owner) looking at the dog barking and growling fiercely at me. In the rain, I waited until the dog got tired of barking at me. When it ran off to somewhere else, I quickly took off my heels, and completed my walk home barefoot, keeping a lookout for any sign of that mad dog.

I don't know what's wrong. Dogs and I just don't get along very well somehow.

Sigh...oh well, at least this scene would make a good movie :P

Malaysia-A Land of Good Samaritans.

I rushed back to KL yesterday morning on a bus from Sg. Nibong Penang so that I could reach LT6 on time for service and the launch of 'Superhero' theme for City Kids which I waited excitedly for for about 1 month.

Who knew? I fainted near Puduraya.


The moment I put my foot down on the pavement outside of Puduraya, my head started spinning and I couldn't hear anything. I could only see people walking pass me and their faces were a blur.

The next thing I know, I was making my way up the stairs in KFC, heading towards the toilet. And then it went blank.


I opened my eyes and realised I was squatting on the floor. A kind lady working in KFC took a chair into the toilet for me to sit on and a girl asked me what happened, how I felt, etc. For the first time in mt life, it took me ALL my strength to answer her simple questions.

I asked her to help me get some medicine from Watsons nearby. She went without hesitating and came back with the medicine and a bottle of water. I asked for the price for the items but she said it's OK. She didn't take a cent for the things she bought for me.

Another girl came in and asked me what happened. Then she gave me minyak angin, and all her available medicine which the doctor prescribed for her. She had the same problem as me, she said. I took the meds, but the pain was still there. I relied on Him alone that time, and on His shoulders I lay my head, thanking Him for all these Good Samaritans that He put onto my path today.

All the time I sat in the toilet, vomitting (eugh! All the chocolates I consumed in the bus were processed into chocolate vomit :P which looked like Milo), many people came in and out. Most of them just looked at me and gave a puzzled look.

But I was deeply touched by some of them who showed their concern for me - the KFC lady, the Malay girl who didn't take a cent for the things she bought for me, the Chinese girl who gave her meds to me and a foreign worker who wiped the sweat off my face.

It's good to know that Malaysia still has Good Samaritans like these who make such a big difference in a person's life by the small yet important gestures of theirs.

I hate to miss church, but I truly thank God for being my strength, carrying me until I safely reached the KFC toilet, and calling so many Good Samaritans onto my path.

If you are reading this, I encourage you to lend a hand to people in need although you don't know them, just as the Good Samaritan who took care of the man going down from Jericho to Jerusalem (Luke 10:30-35). It makes a HUGE difference to the people in need of help, especially when they were alone.

God bless ya!


The season is back!

In Malaysia now and especially in Perak where
so many tropical fruit farms are situated,
the King of Fruits returns with its royal pricks
and golden flesh to capture the hearts of
durian lovers again this year.
My dad bought some home as my mom loves it.
I won't trade the moment we had gathering
around my dad as he cuts open the durians
and as we enjoyed the fruit that is
'smelling like Hell and tasting like Heaven'
according to WordNet.
In one of the durians there were two
cute-tiny bags of durian flesh which are of
the size of a guitar pick!
My lil cousin got hold of them and
wouldn't let them go!
They are so cute!!

Just last week my life group leader celebrated
her ??-th birthday (I don't know how old is she).
Her husband, Ben, bought her a cake from Suchan, PJ.
It's called Explosion.
The cake is yummy! I've never eaten any cake
like it before. It's not only different, the mix
of the ingredients are just so perfect!!
Take a look. The name of the cake says a lot
about how it looks like!

God bless you!


Sushi n Shrimp.

In this week, I have been blessed with good fellowship time with some friends and some really yummy food too! Just 2 days ago we went to Genki Sushi at One Utama and had plates of tasty sushi with soothing-hot green tea.

As usual, I had one Miso soup (my favourite thing in Japanese cuisine). I really like the cup that they use for the green tea. It has this Genki face which is impossible to imitate.

Yesterday, as Teng Yung and some o fhis classmates wanted to celebrate the end of their final year and final semester exams, they drove all the way down to Telok Gong, Klang for sea food!
We had delicious fried shrimp, Teow Cheow steamed fish, sweet and sour crab, spicy crab, juicy la-la's, etc.

And guess what is the effect of both sushi and shrimp? THIS!
But now I feel a bit guilty. Perhaps I should have saved some of the money spent on the food, switched to some other cheaper food, and buy food for the homeless instead. Sigh...


Sleepy Cat.

The way the cat sleeps is just like me! Haha.
Snapped this photo in a clinic while waiting for my grandma.

Most of you probably don't know that I cut my hair.
It's really short now.
At least I don't have to comb my hair when I wake up now. :P

Moving forward.

Some of us may be stuck in a stage in life. We don't seem to be going anywhere. Everything in life seem stagnant.

One of the reasons for this 'traffic jam' is because we hold on to the past. When we are about to take the step forward by lifting up our feet (it doesn't matter whether it's your right foot or left foot), we turn our gaze back to the past. When we see the past and stay there dwelling in it even for just a second, we will never move forward. We will forever be stuck if we continue to look back into our past.

The past is THE PAST. We may have regrettable sins, foolish decisions, moral failure and all the 'what if's in our heads. But they are nothing else but the past. It has already happened and there is nothing you can do about it. Our life is not controlled by a remote where we can rewind and correct the mistakes we have made or change a circumstance that will make a difference today.

Leave the past or it will never leave you. So many people who have been hurt in the past kept dweeling in it. It only causes them more pain in life.

A woman was abducted by a man who did all imaginable evil things to her. He raped her and mutilated her body in every possible way. When he was done with her, she was 3 inches from death. He then drove her into the middle of nowhere, and threw her body into the bush by the side of the road. After he drove off, the woman gathered all the stregth that was left in her scarred body and crawled slowly and painfully to the road to get help. Only God knows why... when she reached the road, a car stopped. It was that man again.

He then picked her up and drove her to a place where he hurt her again. He then left her at the place to die. Someone found her and brought her to the hospital. When she was physically healed, the hospital staff were thinking that she would need a lot or mental-repair because of what happened to her.

So, on the day when she was supposed to receive psychological treatment, they counselled her first. When they asked her "How are you?". She just replied "I'm fine". They couldn't believe her and kept asking her that question and said to ther that they understand how painful it would be. She responded "Look, that man took one night out of my life. But I will not allow my other nights to be robbed by the incident."

Even the Bible says in Proverbs 24:16 - A righteous man may fall seven times and rise again. Can you imagine if after once of twice he fell, he just lay there and think about how he fell and what he shouldn't have done, he will remain on the floor and never get up? When Jesus called the disciples to follow him, they did without looking back. They just left their fishing net and whatever they were doing and followed him. If one of them had just looked back for a second, they would have missed the chance of being one of the disciples.

I personally have held on to the past and looked back many times at the mistakes I have made, all the opportunites I lost and the things that I regret doing. After reading the Word of God this morning, I know what to do with them. I can't change them because they are the past. But what I can do is to look ahead. Move on and forward without looking back. I have learned from the past. These lessons I will carry with me as I grow, but I will not allow them to stop me on my track.

Hope this post have blessed you.


Supposed Cause

Deviation seems like a definite thing.

Paper was created so that we can record things down and write on it. Today, people use paper , and even wasting it, like there is infinite supply without thinking twice that the earth is slowly dying due to reasons such as this. Clothes were created to cover our vulnerable bodies and to give them warmth and protection. Today, clothes are worn as a reflection of our status in the society and even worn to 'show off' our assets, causing others to stumble again and again.

Everything has a supposed cause. Evertyhing exists for a reason. But we, as human as we are, twist and fit everything into our own box so the supposed cause becomes our own cause.

Some call it diversification. Yes, I agree that diversification is a valid argument for the deviation. But there needs to be a limit to the extent of the diversification so that the supposed cause remains the root of everything.

It is so unfortunate that so many things have deviated from their supposed cause. I can't help but shake my head in disappointment when I heard over the radio broadcasting a game on air where there is a word of the day, and two lucky callers can win a certain amount of cash if they could guess the word. One of them will have to give verbal clues to the other to guess it out.

At that moment, the word of the day was 'XXXXXXX'. So one of the callers started giving clues by asking the other caller "What do we go to the court or trial for?"

The other caller answered, without hesitation, "Money!"

Of course he was wrong and they didn't get the prize. The word was "JUSTICE".

What I heard on the radio just goes to prove that law, which was first created to attain the noble notion of JUSTICE, has now become a tool to receive pecuniary rewards for many people. So many people twist the law and manipulate it to take monetary, and even life, advantage on others. Is this JUSTICE?

I thank God for He assured me about how all these people will be judged by Him one day. But I can see the world rotating everyday. It is rotating out of the supposed cause.


2 months! Aargh!!

I know I should't panic. But the thought that there are only 2 months left to my CLP exams brings terror into my mind! Aarghh!!

The scariest movie in the world should not be about ghosts and demons but about one's journey through the CLP. That's scary.

It feels like 3 years of degree all combined into one exam. Imagine the number of cases to memorise. Now I wish the CLP board would allow candidates to bring case books into the exam hall. Yeah right! Keep dreaming...

CLP exams did terrible things to me. It casued me to go for a bad hair cut (I look like a mushroom now). It caused me to do all sorts of crazy things.

CLP...curse you! :P


This was the day.

If you feel

like giving up
like a wretch

Remember this day.
This was the day Jesus prepared himself to pay the price for us.
He did so for you and me, so that God will not bring His wrath on us.
It was because of him we could be one with God. Free.

This was the day he decided to give up his life...
so that you don't have to feel this way.

Even if the whole world don't care about you, remember...
he cares.

Romans 5: 8But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.


I did it!!

You know some people are just so afraid to drive after they got their driving license and met with an accident because of the fear or accidents again and also lack of confidence in themselves.

Yeah, I was one of those shitty people that some of you will laugh and jeer at :)

But I don't mind being one, because only when there is a 'low' in one's life can one overcome it by God's grace. That was what I did.

The last time I drove was really really long time ago, especially in KL. I only drove twice here. The last time was the time that I backed into a car that I would never be able to pay for in my entire life.

Since then I struggled to drive again. Part of me wants to do it because 1. I have a driving license. 2. My loved ones and friends need my favour. 3. I need to get around in KL somehow. 4. When I tumpang other's car to go somewhere, they alway seemed to have to stop at somewhere, get off their car to do something, leaving me ALONE in the car... so in case if they are blocking somebody, I have to drive away.

But the other part of me is very very scared.

Thank God. He really has His own ways in working things out.

No coincidence. Two weeks ago, TY had to leave for China for vacation with his family. He drove his car back to Seremban for service and repair. And... my aunt had to attend some motivation camp conducted by the National Sports Council. These two events inevitably directed me to only one choice-I had to drive to go somewhere, with my aunt's car while she's gone! Oh no!!

On my way to collect my aunt's Silver Kelissa, I could only think of how I was going to drive her car. For a moment, I felt as though I was a road-phobic! But I somehow pulled myself together, got her car, and started driving it back to my house. You have no idea how thankful I was to God when I reached home in one piece!

For the next two weeks, I reluctantly drove to college, to Sunway, to other places I ad to go.

By His grace, after the two weeks, I overcame my fear of driving. I no longer despise it! Yeah! Yes, the memory of backing into a Mercedes S-Class (Yes, the cost was unbearable!) is still in my head. But the thought of it no longer brings chills down my spine. It's just a reminder that I have to be more careful when I drive now.

I did it! And I have to admit that if it wasn't for God's grace and strength, I wouldn't be able to overcome my fear of driving.

You won't believe this...Now, driving is one of my favourite activity, especially when I drive people to the house of God! :)


New Found Great 8.

And the Great 8 returns...
Is it in the food? In the DNA? Or is it just the camera and computer graphics?
People are just getting more and more good looking these days. Inevitably, a new Great 8 is born.
Here is my new found Great 8.*The previous Great 8 remains. So altogether there are 16 now :P *

Won Bin, Korean actor.
Zac Efron, Highschool Musical.Garrett Hedlund, Eragon, Four Brothers, my favourite in this list.
Josh Harnett, dream date!!
Sorry, this pic is very small, guess he is not that famous yet. Kenichi Matsuyama, 'L' in Death Note, Japanese actor.

Adam Brody, The O.C., Mr. and Mrs Smith.
Ashton Kutcher, love his movies.
Gael Garcia Bernal, Babel, so beautiful...

Hope you had a great eye candy session too!! :P


Attraction lesson.

I once attended a video viewing session, which I still can't believe I had to pay for, regarding "The Secret".

"The Secret" shows the way a person can be successful in every aspect in their lives be in in love, studies, career or finance. Most of the show was testimonies from well-known people about how they found this "Secret" and how this "Secret" has helped them to achieve their dreams.

"The Secret" is the Law of Attraction. Despite the "The Secret" show, the Law of Attraction concept expounded by it was still a total crap to me, although some buy it.

The Law of Attraction is an invinsible mechanism that is working all the time, attracting things into our lives be it bad things or good things, material things or abstract things. It was alleged in the video that just by the thought of something, the Law of Attraction will work to attract that thing into one's life. So let say when one's bills are piling up and they never seemed to be able to be settled, just by a thought that they can be paid up, the Law of Attraction will attract it into one's life and it will happen. Huh?? was what I thought when I watched the video :P A girl who attended the video viewing session that night said out loud "It won't rain." while thinking it when the skies were cloudy on an outing day. I was just too shocked to react to her action. 30 minutes later, it didn't rain... she totally bought into "The Secret". But guess what? It rained 30 minutes later.

The idea of the Law of Attraction is very attractuve to many people in this material world today where almost everyone is chasing after material things that can satisfy. But seriously, is there REALLY a Law of Attraction?

My answer to that question would be: YES, it is encompassed in Matthew 6:33.
But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

When we have to chase after things like money, car, house, clothes, etc in our lives, we get caught up in so much of tension, worries and complicated decision making scenarios. One day, we will just feel so tired of chasing after these things and realised that the chase is overrated afterall. But if we seek God's kingdom first, we are only concerned with our relationship with God. We place out total trust in Him whether life is good or bad, and just focus on His face. We need not chase after these things, instead these things will be chasing after us. When we seek His kingdom first, giving Him the top priority in our lives, we become the magnet itself by His grace which will draw these things near to us. How wonderful is that? Only He can ensure such wonderfulness. This is THE Law of Attraction.

May you know Him better than you did yesterday.
Hersheys signing off.