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Disney Sunset


A Wreck I Am.

When my vision became clearer, I realized that I am such a wreck.

I look ahead, and only see how far short I am from the goal.

But do I stop running and give in to hopelessness? Do I let the tiredness I feel in my being stop me?


I fix my eyes on my goal. I keep running forward. I keep running towards my goal - Jesus.


I'd rather be in struggles.

Issues are issues, whether drastic or not.

What gives us the right to diss or judge others because they are dealing with issues that we are not? Just because we have our life right at this moment does not entitle us to comment about the not-right's in another's life in a disrespectful manner especially in front of other people.

I'd rather you don't mention that person's name in front of me. One's impression on me is for him or her to make, not for you to make.

Now I have to think twice about sharing my struggles. What if it is spoken so freely and openly to another just like how the issues of another were spoken in front of me?

Oh what the heck...

It's definitely good to have my life right. But if I lose compassion and the ability to understand what it's like in another's shoes and the sort of perspective another might have in their struggles, I'd rather be in struggles myself so that I don't become self-righteous.

At least in my struggles, I would totally understand, and will definitely learn to understand.

It's like: The best pal who can help a drug addict to break free is another drug addict who has overcome the addiction.

I'd rather be in struggles than be like you... Everyone has issues. Admit it.

Not WHAT but HOW.

I always tell others that it is what you go through that will make you.

But today, I change my stand. Whether what one goes through will make or break one depends on HOW one goes through it.

I testify that there had been times when I dealt with issues in my life with a positive attitude, keeping my eyes on the God who reigns forever and evermore; and there had been times when I dealt with issues in my life with much hopelessness, negativity, choosing to be swayed by whatever others tell me and with a wrong attitude.

In the former, I come out of my struggles victorious. Looking back, I can only see that those issues I had to face were platforms that bring me to another level. I grew due to them.

In the latter, I come out of my struggles being even more weighed down by the yoke those issues have formed over my shoulders. They remained issues not dealt with. I get stuck due to them.

I have to say that without God's help and without the truths in His Word, I would probably be facing my issues with the latter outlook. Every problem will seem like a curse. But because of Him, I am glad that every issue is a door to growth and an opportunity to bring Him glory.

With Him, truly all things work for my good, whether they are good things, or seemingly bad things (Rom 8:28). Seriously, with a God to whom I am EVERYTHING, how can things be for my destruction?

Thank God I found Him, and have Him :) God bless y'all.