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Things I Didn't Throw Away

The usual course of things for our possessions is this:
Purchase/Taking possession - Use - To the bin.

Yup, we are all experts in disposal of things but whether or not we are responsible disposers is a totally different issue. In Norway in 2006 alone 9.6 million tonnes of waste was generated!

I've seen a kids throw a candy wrapper on the floor while walking and the parent did not even say a word. Parents, teach your kids to love the earth! (Even if you don't love where you live in, I am sure you at least want your kids to live in a decently clean one).

Anyways, coming back to the topic. There were many times I regretted throwing away somethings. This happens when I needed that something which I threw away and I would go: 'Aiya...shouldn't have threw it away.'

Although things which I didn't throw away take up some space in my room and make it look a little bit more messy than usual, these things somehow come in handy!

After I changed to postpaid from prepaid, I didn't throw my old SIM card away. Later on, my mobile phone had to be repaired and it was then that I found out I didn't save any numbers in my new SIM card! I lost all my numbers because they reformatted my phone (I gave them the permission thinking that I had my numbers in my new SIM). Thank God I didn't throw away my old SIM. At least I could copy most of the numbers from my old SIM to my new one.


Another instance of me being glad I didn't throw somethings away was yesterday night when Skye sms-ed me and asked me whether I kept any of her wedding programs because she didn't keep any. I know as a bride, I would want to keep my own wedding program just for keepsakes. Not having one would kinds suck :P

I remembered chucking a paper bag into my car booth on the day of Ray and Skye's wedding night and didn't bother to clean my booth since then (yes, in case you still don't know, I live out of my car HAHA). I checked my booth and yahoo!! There were 2 pieces of Skye's wedding program! Thank God I didn't throw it away...


Next time before you throw something away, think twice ;)


Durian Seasons come and go, but has the nation changed?

I am so excited about the upcoming 51st year of independence of my country.

When I drove pass the durian stalls by the sides of roads (they are everywhere), I smiled at the thought of having the chance to eat the king of fruits again. Durians are indeed something that make me proud as a Malaysian.

But when I switch back to reality and see the things that are going on in the political, economic and social arena. My heart sank to the deepest pits there is within me.

It's been 51 years since the first time our ancestors shouted with joy and hope 'Merdeka!'
But can we shout the same word that is so meaningful with the same joy and hope today?

I would love to think that the nation has changed for good after 51 years of independence. There only needs to be the slightest hint of good administration of the nation to make me think that. It is however very very unfortunate that I cannot think so.

I can't even tell who is telling the truth anymore. Is Anwar's allegation true? Or is the IGP's defamation claim a right reflection? Or perhaps the comic depicting how the Executive is covering all the bigger issues that affect the nation with a single mattress in the Star the correct enunciation of Malaysia's state?

Justice must not only be done. It must be seen to be done.

Haha, I sure hope so. But I don't see it at all. There's no fair play anymore in the legal system (and I have no idea how can a respected person I admire said rule of law is observed).

I love Malaysia.
I love Malaysians too.
But........ *sigh*

Happy Merdeka to y'all.