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Disney Sunset
Disney Sunset


Duit Duit Duit.

I had always thought that this world is becoming increasingly materialistic. But since I moved to KL, my thought is now this - this world is becoming increasingly-squared materialistic.

In the older days, many chose a particular profession for the love of it, and also because of what that particular profession can offer to one in personal development and growth. They hardly look at the monetary incentive. Well, I think money wasn't so much of an incentive at that time.

But look at what it has become now. When I asked my friends why do they choose to study law and to become a lawyer, many responded that it was because of the money. What happened to people deserving justice and the need to give access to rights and justice to them? Some people I know chose to be teachers by attending maktab perguruan because of the stable income and the perks and privileges that come with becoming a civil servant. What happened to building a new future for the nation and giving hope to children? The police personnel, already with their well-known 'Nanti Rasuah' policy, is now asking for an increase in salaries to meet, as they have alleged, higher public expectations and higher costs of living. What happened to maintaining order and safety, and protecting the public at all costs?

For this I grief. So much injustice and vices today are related to the fact that many chose a particular profession for the money and not for the love of the profession and the purposes it serves in the community and society. Many lost sight because of money and have their eyes on money, too blinded by it that they failed to see their responsibilities as a part of this nation.

This has become the 'norm' - "Oh, well, who cares what happen to them, as long as I get my pay I am OK." My hope is that you don't join this 'norm' to become one of the irresponsible creeps I know.

Forget trying to figure out what will bring you happiness. Try to make others happy, and then happiness will find you.


Great 8 Part II.

Here is my version of the 8 guys that take my breath away.

Jo Hyun Jae. If you watch 8tv he's in this Korean drama called Only You.
Jang Dong Gun...ha...drool....
Lee Hom.
Keanu Reeves...I don't care even if people say he is gay.
Adrien Brody. 2nd sexiest man to me.
Brandon Routh...I think he looks better in specs.
Antonio Banderas..sexiest man alive.
Ralph Fiennes. He's damn good an actor!! And I love his eyes.

Note: For the Great 8 Part One, please visit Joy's blog, tears of Joy, which is only a click away from my blog :) Adios. God bless you all.

PS: Yes, I am a sucker for long faces and gentle eyes. Hehe.