Disney Sunset

Disney Sunset
Disney Sunset


Newly Wed Me! :D

1 month, 20 days and counting!
Being married is so different from being unmarried.
Are there challenges? Yes.
Are there arguments? Yes.
Are there things discovered about your other half only after being married? Of course!
Are there new adventures together? YES!
Are there more reasons to love one another now? YES!
Are there greater memories built together now? YES!
Are there things to be worked out? Of course, but the benefit is, I don't face them alone, I have my lovely husband to work it out with now. 2, is definitely better than 1.

Oh! And here's a picture of us on our wedding.
PS: the wedding gown / dress is now for sale. Leave a comment if you are interested! I will get in touch ;)

Now, to adventurous married life, and beyond! :)