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When I Think Of You.

Paul wrote to the Ephesians and expressed how thankful he is for the siblings in Christ in Ephesus because of their faith and the love they showed to others.

I've had the time to think of all those who have walked alongside me in my adventurous and wonderful God-journey for the past 4 years. Some were with me longer than others. But I feel like how Paul felt towards the Ephesians - thankful, very very thankful.

No one is perfect and there had been some who sand-papared me and got on my nerves, but it was God's way of shaping me. In the end, it was really for my good.

When I looked back and witnessed the change that took place in the lives of all these people, I can only do one thing, borrowing the words of Paul "I do not cease to give thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers...".

So if you are wondering what is in my mind when I think of you, I am thankful for you :)

God bless ya.



Allison and Justin have gone back to the UK for 3 weeks. After dropping them at KLIA, the drive home was hard...I was so sleepy zzzzzzz

The loud music or karaoke didn't help. I sped, in order that I can reach home faster and not be on the road any second longer because being on the road in that state is hazardous.

When my own efforts couldn't take away my sleepiness anymore, I prayed to God and said "God, please help me stay awake until I reach home, do anything...whatever."

Then, I reached the toll and this toll attendant, a Malay guy, was singing "I like to move it move it, I like to move it move it, I like to move it move it... (the Madagascar song)" out loud, totally oblivious to the fact that I was staring at him while he bobbed up and down to the song and handed me my toll ticket.

I laughed all the way home :D

God is soooooo funny!


Not Too Attached.

Friends - some won't always be there, but some will be there for us through everything...or will they really?

I'm turning a quarter century old soon. In my 25-minus-2-weeks years of life here on planet Earth and all the experience I've had with people in my world who I dubbed as 'friend', the conclusion I can make is that no one will really be there for their friends through everything, except for one Person - Jesus. (Thank God at least there's 1!)

The good ones left deeper footprints on my heart while many just touched and went. The ones that I hung out most with (and trusted most) in the past 3 years are either now overseas and getting married OR getting married soon and leaving Malaysia OR flew to Melbourne to study for 6 months (without a doubt will be 6 months plus a couple more) OR occupied with an expanding business and a family to take care of...even the potential ones have potential opportunities coming that will change the status quo established in our friendship, if any at all.

Maybe I feel the change more than those who actually live with their family. Being away from home since 11 has made me value friendships so much more. It was my friends who really went through more than half my life with me. It sucks to know and acknowledge that they too have their own lives to live and they won't be there for everything forever.

As I thought about this and expressed my sentiments to God, He reminded me of one very important truth about this - my life here on Earth is only temporary and there is nothing I can take with me when I return to Him, thus there is no point or eternal benefit to get too attached to anything in the world, that includes friends whom He graciously blessed me with. Friends are to be appreciated, not worshiped...except for Jesus of course.

That'll work :) I think...


Dirty Oil.

Jealousy and envy can be so strong that they can cause one to hate.

They are dirty oil in the engine. A car can run on dirty oil, but it is a matter of time before the engine dies because dirty oil damages the engine gradually.

The forces emanating from jealousy and envy can be strong, but they are evil, and damaging to the heart. But praise God! His love, like Lily Potter's love for her son, is stronger than all forces of evil combined. He is more powerful than the power of jealousy and envy.

No matter how much clean oil is poured into a container of dirty oil, the oil won't become clean. The end result of mixing both will still be dirty oil.

But the truth is this - Jesus' blood washed all that dirt away and cleansed our hearts. It's purity is strong enough to transform dirty oil into clean, good oil, all because He shed His blood to set us free. Free from hatred, free from sin, free from the power of jealousy and envy that slowly eat us up inside. The voices we hear in our heads telling us that we are bound in chains of jealousy and envy are just lies to make us fall when in reality, there wasn't even a bump on the road to trip us.
By His blood, our hearts have been made clean.

He died on the cross to show us that He has conquered them all for us. And because He lives in us, we too can conquer jealousy and envy in us. Their power has been broken. We have indeed been set free.

No more dirty oil... Yipee!


Funny Evening.

Just found out from a friend who came from Bangkok, Thailand that five in Siamese is 'Hah'.

So when they SMS or chat on MSN, they type this to express 'laughing' - 5555.

On my way out of the Sunway Pyramid car park, I saw this car parked somewhere with the number plate 'DAL'. Made me think of roti canai dal :P

I laughed a lot today.

Awesome! Haven't been able to laugh like that for a few months already :)

Funny Morning.

God is so funny!

While I was driving to Shah Alam this morning on this straight road, I was able to observe the cars on the other side of the road because the traffic was slow.

You should do it sometime, it is amusing!

The first driver I saw was this lady with long curly hair. She had a really serious face, like she was angry at someone.
The car after hers was this man with another passenger in front. He had this wide grin on his face. Seemed like he was enjoying the chat with the other person in the car.
The third car was a red and white taxi. The taxi driver had his shoulders hunched over the wheel, he was really focused on the road, like trying not to hit the car in front.
The fourth car was a four wheel drive, an uncle was driving it. This was the champion. He was digging his nose furiously.
4 cars back to back, all had different facial expressions. I stopped at the fourth car and just laughed out loud :D

And then when I reached the Shah Alam court, there was a notice outside one of the courts with the e-mail address for correspondences. It was : littlesolicitor_(some numbers I forgot)@yahoo.com.


God is sooooo funny!


No is not the End.

Mark 5:18-20

The demon-possessed man who got healed by Jesus wanted to follow him in the rest of his journey away from Gerasenes. After having experienced Jesus' mercy and grace, who wouldn't want to go with him?

But Jesus didn't allow the man to go with him and the rest of his disciples. Instead he asked the man to tell of his goodness back at home.

The man didn't say a word or complain about not being able to follow him and go with the rest. He went home and did exactly as he was told - and everyone marveled.

If I was that man, I would have complained and made a big fuss about not being allowed to go with Jesus and the rest of his gang! That man's submissive behaviour amazes me! There was certainly a better plan for him back home and greater things for him there. He didn't assume that he knew what's best for himself. I guess he knew that Jesus' words can be held on to.

When Jesus said 'No' to him, it didn't mean that he's not good enough to follow the rest, but rather it simple means his calling is not that! It also didn't mean that it is the end of the journey for that man. There was definitely more for him, just not with the rest, but elsewhere.

When God says 'No' to something, it is not THE END.

;) God loves you soooooo much. You think He would want to sabotage your life? Nuh!


My 10 MJ Facts.

1. All time favourite video clip: Black or White.
2. All time favourite song: The Girl Is Mine.
3. How famous is he in my world? - Even my 70 over year old grandma knows him.
4. One person I know who looks like him: (just a bit) Noel Chelliah :D
5. Favourite Jackson sibling: Janet Jackson.
6. Best dance routine: It's a tie lah....Thriller and Beat it!.
7. Most outrageous hairstyle: http://www.rockmusicart.com/images/product_images/Michael_Jackson.jpg
8. Best outfit: http://evelkneivel.com/thriller.gif
9. Favourite dance move: The 'lean'. It's amazing how he did it!
10. I don't think he did all that bad stuff people said he did.

-The End-