Disney Sunset

Disney Sunset
Disney Sunset


Dirty Oil.

Jealousy and envy can be so strong that they can cause one to hate.

They are dirty oil in the engine. A car can run on dirty oil, but it is a matter of time before the engine dies because dirty oil damages the engine gradually.

The forces emanating from jealousy and envy can be strong, but they are evil, and damaging to the heart. But praise God! His love, like Lily Potter's love for her son, is stronger than all forces of evil combined. He is more powerful than the power of jealousy and envy.

No matter how much clean oil is poured into a container of dirty oil, the oil won't become clean. The end result of mixing both will still be dirty oil.

But the truth is this - Jesus' blood washed all that dirt away and cleansed our hearts. It's purity is strong enough to transform dirty oil into clean, good oil, all because He shed His blood to set us free. Free from hatred, free from sin, free from the power of jealousy and envy that slowly eat us up inside. The voices we hear in our heads telling us that we are bound in chains of jealousy and envy are just lies to make us fall when in reality, there wasn't even a bump on the road to trip us.
By His blood, our hearts have been made clean.

He died on the cross to show us that He has conquered them all for us. And because He lives in us, we too can conquer jealousy and envy in us. Their power has been broken. We have indeed been set free.

No more dirty oil... Yipee!

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