Disney Sunset

Disney Sunset
Disney Sunset


Funny Morning.

God is so funny!

While I was driving to Shah Alam this morning on this straight road, I was able to observe the cars on the other side of the road because the traffic was slow.

You should do it sometime, it is amusing!

The first driver I saw was this lady with long curly hair. She had a really serious face, like she was angry at someone.
The car after hers was this man with another passenger in front. He had this wide grin on his face. Seemed like he was enjoying the chat with the other person in the car.
The third car was a red and white taxi. The taxi driver had his shoulders hunched over the wheel, he was really focused on the road, like trying not to hit the car in front.
The fourth car was a four wheel drive, an uncle was driving it. This was the champion. He was digging his nose furiously.
4 cars back to back, all had different facial expressions. I stopped at the fourth car and just laughed out loud :D

And then when I reached the Shah Alam court, there was a notice outside one of the courts with the e-mail address for correspondences. It was : littlesolicitor_(some numbers I forgot)@yahoo.com.


God is sooooo funny!

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