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Disney Sunset
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Journal 20.12.2010

Thinking back about what it was like the day I gave my life to Christ. It felt like I am found, and no longer lost in life. But as life continues and things happen, the certainly of found-ness seemed to have dissipated.

Is it suppose to be so?

I dug deep and pressed on to God for understanding of the situation. Well, I am glad there was an answer. Although I accepted Christ then, there were many mindsets I held on to and perceptions about life and God which are not in line with God's truths and His will. From day 1 onwards, things happen as tests to shake my life's false foundations and bring me back to the foundational love of Christ. God shapes me through each and every trial.

Trials come to show me whether or not my perceptions about God are right, or perverted.

The seeming dissipation of found-ness indicates that my perceptions about God got some fine-tuning to be done.

Journal 6.11.2010

Mark 14:3-7

In this story, the woman broke a costly alabaster jar of nard in Jesus' presence and anointed him with it. Jesus commented, saying what she did was beautiful, and that they do not always have him with them.

My relationship with my Creator is precious. Tasks, work and chores will always be there, like the poor will always be among us. My time spent with God, on the other hand, is something that I must purposely make time for and maintain. I was asking God to help me deal with insecurity. Through the story in Mark 14, God asked that I break it in his presence. I have held on to it as though it's valuable, being in an issue for so long it became my comfort zone, not wanting to go through the pain for growth.

It's now time to break it and let Jesus transform it into a blessing for His glory. When it is broken in Christ, it turns into an anointing in my life.