Disney Sunset

Disney Sunset
Disney Sunset


Just to thank Him.

I can't contain my thankfulness to Him who answers our prayers, who provides for our needs and even more sometimes. Hence, this blog.

Yesterday night, I asked God whether I am 'redundant', whether or not I will still be used by Him because of some change in circumstances in my life which many thought as something that's against His will.

Today, He answered my prayer. I received a call from a friend who needed prayer, and so I prayed for her, and encouraged her with a verse that's stuck on my wall which I felt would speak to her. And on my way up the stairs to my office, He brought two sisters in Christ into my path who were sharing His word to the whole of Taipan that day. I had the privilege to honour them and said 'Keep up the good work!'...Then I realised that I am still being used.

That was comforting :)

He also showed again to me that He provides for my needs. I was looking for a car park space around 11am in Taipan, a well-known area for lack of parking space in USJ. So I prayed "God, please give me a nice parking space. In Jesus' name, amen."...and guess what? The fourth car on my right side ahead of me reversed, and I had a nice, shaded parking space No. 107 near my office waiting for. Haha!

Oh btw, I like number 7 :P

I only had RM10 in my wallet for lunch. But it so happened that my boss and her husband was eating in the same restaurant as me. I didn't see them because I sat facing the wall and they came in later than me. She paid for my lunch. Woohoo!

Thank God for all the good things and good people He blesses me with!


The Reason I Smile.

Cheerful; Joyful; Bubbly; Chirpy; Always Smiling; The Girl With The Big Smile.
These are the labels people always gave to me.

But the truth is, I don't always feel like smiling, and I don't have a trouble-free life. This morning was one of the mornings I woke up and didn't feel like smiling at all.

I felt tired even after I slept for almost 10 hours. I didn't feel like smiling because I know there are things ahead of me which I was too chicken to face. Difficulties are waiting for me, with pain and hurt by its sides. I didn't look forward to the day. And my struggles are mocking me.

But... above all that, the person who gave his life for me is smiling to me. He never and will never stop smiling to me as he looks at me no matter what I've done, what I've said and what my circumstances are.

Yes, I don't feel like smiling everyday. But I resolved to smile anyway because Jesus smiles to me, and at me.

I smile because my Provider will care for my every need.
I smile because my King has conquered every sin, shame, guilt, pain and fear for me.
I smile because my Refuge is always there, opening His arms wide for me to run to when I am hurt.
I smile because my Deliverer hears my cries and saves me from being destroyed by my troubles.
I smile because my Healer heals my broken heart.
I smile because my Shepherd abandons all that he has to bring me back to him.
I smile because my Redeemer has ransomed me with His life!
I smile because my Lover loves me irregardless.
I smile because my Teacher guides me and leads me in my wilderness so that I will not be consumed by confusion.
I smile...because the Creator of the universe gave His life, and made Himself available to be with a person whose life is but a breath - me.

Jesus is the reason that I smile.

:) I hope you are smiling because of him too.