Disney Sunset

Disney Sunset
Disney Sunset


Not an ordinary Saturday.

Last Saturday was one of my craziest Saturdays.

I don't remember when was the last time I woke up at 5am in the morning. But I did last Saturday. The reason? Well, I signed up for RunNat. Over a thousand Christians all over Malaysia has purposed to Run For The Nation on that fateful Saturday morning. So I ran only 5km, together with 3 other new friends I made that morning. But the coolest part? We didn't just run. We ran AND prayed at the same time.

I really like the RunNat concept. So from 5am in the morning until 12pm there were people praying for Malaysia. It didn't happen just in KL. It happened ALL OVER Malaysia. So within the span of 7 hours divided into 8 slots each covered by a group of 3 to 5 running for 5km, we covered the nation in prayer while we run over 1000km altogether. How cool is that?!

My group's slot was at 6.20am until 7am. I got assigned by the system to Kepong-Sg Buloh!! I had no idea how my name got loose from the KingdomCity gang which was running in Putrajaya. But I believed I got assigned there for a reason lah. It was raining when we ran. Our 'baton', which was a 7-page prayer card that will be passed from group to group, was already wet and koyak when it reached us. Haha! But we prayed fervently and loudly nevertheless, attracting many onlookers.

It was a cool morning!!

Then I rushed home to fetch my mom to Wisma Pandu Puteri for her meeting, grabbing some breakfast at a mamak shop with her and enjoying the cloudy morning together.

Then I rushed off to Fireflies, which was awesome!!! A kid in my class brought chocolate cake for me. How sweet!!

Then coaching...and then Fireflies teachers meeting, which was by God's grace very very productive. We came up with so many great ideas on how to improve Fireflies and how we can impact the lives of people there. I thought some ideas were pretty cool.

And then pick mom up, go to Klang for sea food with my aunt and family...When I was in Klang, I didn't think about the one person I thought I would think of. Breakthrough!! Yeah!! Thank You God...but I thought of Cherinnee, and how she said the cow by the side of the road was a big dog. Hahaha!! I will never forget that every time I go to Botanic. Never :)


It's been a while.

Felt like ages since I last blogged.

So much has happened, where should I start?

Well, I am getting the hang of legal practice, and I have started part-time coaching gymnastics. Practice is getting more difficult, even more so with the new systems in court that is not practice-friendly at all. One thing good though is that now courts dispose off cases faster, though sometimes at the cost of justice. And each time when a client comes to office to meet me for discussion of an issue they have, whether it's divorce, or construction problem, debts issue, I always wish that they knew Jesus too. Because if they did, everything would be different....(and a train of thoughts ensued, which I will not dwell in here). Coaching is FUN! Really plan to do it full time in near future. The girls in my classes are cool! They really test my patience, especially when one of them poop-ed in my class. I am not joking. It was a nightmare! And my very 1st experience.

Fireflies is coming to an end for the 1st semester. New kids will be joining us soon. Recently, I got two Teacher's Day cards from the Fireflies kids. They are so lovely. And I like the fact that I am used by God to bring hope to these kids. Love them so much. I do hope I have made some good impact in these kids' lives that will be carried on into their future. I have faith that God will nurture those seeds.

Church is one word -AWESOME! It's getting better each week, no kidding. God is so faithful and good. He never failed to show up and touch lives, including my own. There was a time I had to deal with disappointment, and that wasn't the sweetest season in my life. But I really thank God for being there for me, never in a single mili-second left my side. KingdomUni and KingdomKids are launching, or launched...hahaha, I am not even sure. But, I am sure that they are awesome!!! The kids rooms were recently painted, and man, they make me want to be a kid again so badly! And the youths, well, never more vibrant than this! We are seeing more and more new faces each week in church. It is very encouraging to see this amazing family grow.

I am seriously considering starting a crafts business, or if not teach kids to do crafts. There is always something about arts and crafts...I guess it's the way it can bring out the best creativity in a kid and promote thinking outside the box. I love the wild imagination in a kid's mind. It always dazzle me. Really.

And, finally, I am seeing someone. And I like Channing Tatum. Haha.

Adios for now. Zoo-eey-Mama!