Disney Sunset

Disney Sunset
Disney Sunset


Sleepy Cat.

The way the cat sleeps is just like me! Haha.
Snapped this photo in a clinic while waiting for my grandma.

Most of you probably don't know that I cut my hair.
It's really short now.
At least I don't have to comb my hair when I wake up now. :P

Moving forward.

Some of us may be stuck in a stage in life. We don't seem to be going anywhere. Everything in life seem stagnant.

One of the reasons for this 'traffic jam' is because we hold on to the past. When we are about to take the step forward by lifting up our feet (it doesn't matter whether it's your right foot or left foot), we turn our gaze back to the past. When we see the past and stay there dwelling in it even for just a second, we will never move forward. We will forever be stuck if we continue to look back into our past.

The past is THE PAST. We may have regrettable sins, foolish decisions, moral failure and all the 'what if's in our heads. But they are nothing else but the past. It has already happened and there is nothing you can do about it. Our life is not controlled by a remote where we can rewind and correct the mistakes we have made or change a circumstance that will make a difference today.

Leave the past or it will never leave you. So many people who have been hurt in the past kept dweeling in it. It only causes them more pain in life.

A woman was abducted by a man who did all imaginable evil things to her. He raped her and mutilated her body in every possible way. When he was done with her, she was 3 inches from death. He then drove her into the middle of nowhere, and threw her body into the bush by the side of the road. After he drove off, the woman gathered all the stregth that was left in her scarred body and crawled slowly and painfully to the road to get help. Only God knows why... when she reached the road, a car stopped. It was that man again.

He then picked her up and drove her to a place where he hurt her again. He then left her at the place to die. Someone found her and brought her to the hospital. When she was physically healed, the hospital staff were thinking that she would need a lot or mental-repair because of what happened to her.

So, on the day when she was supposed to receive psychological treatment, they counselled her first. When they asked her "How are you?". She just replied "I'm fine". They couldn't believe her and kept asking her that question and said to ther that they understand how painful it would be. She responded "Look, that man took one night out of my life. But I will not allow my other nights to be robbed by the incident."

Even the Bible says in Proverbs 24:16 - A righteous man may fall seven times and rise again. Can you imagine if after once of twice he fell, he just lay there and think about how he fell and what he shouldn't have done, he will remain on the floor and never get up? When Jesus called the disciples to follow him, they did without looking back. They just left their fishing net and whatever they were doing and followed him. If one of them had just looked back for a second, they would have missed the chance of being one of the disciples.

I personally have held on to the past and looked back many times at the mistakes I have made, all the opportunites I lost and the things that I regret doing. After reading the Word of God this morning, I know what to do with them. I can't change them because they are the past. But what I can do is to look ahead. Move on and forward without looking back. I have learned from the past. These lessons I will carry with me as I grow, but I will not allow them to stop me on my track.

Hope this post have blessed you.


Supposed Cause

Deviation seems like a definite thing.

Paper was created so that we can record things down and write on it. Today, people use paper , and even wasting it, like there is infinite supply without thinking twice that the earth is slowly dying due to reasons such as this. Clothes were created to cover our vulnerable bodies and to give them warmth and protection. Today, clothes are worn as a reflection of our status in the society and even worn to 'show off' our assets, causing others to stumble again and again.

Everything has a supposed cause. Evertyhing exists for a reason. But we, as human as we are, twist and fit everything into our own box so the supposed cause becomes our own cause.

Some call it diversification. Yes, I agree that diversification is a valid argument for the deviation. But there needs to be a limit to the extent of the diversification so that the supposed cause remains the root of everything.

It is so unfortunate that so many things have deviated from their supposed cause. I can't help but shake my head in disappointment when I heard over the radio broadcasting a game on air where there is a word of the day, and two lucky callers can win a certain amount of cash if they could guess the word. One of them will have to give verbal clues to the other to guess it out.

At that moment, the word of the day was 'XXXXXXX'. So one of the callers started giving clues by asking the other caller "What do we go to the court or trial for?"

The other caller answered, without hesitation, "Money!"

Of course he was wrong and they didn't get the prize. The word was "JUSTICE".

What I heard on the radio just goes to prove that law, which was first created to attain the noble notion of JUSTICE, has now become a tool to receive pecuniary rewards for many people. So many people twist the law and manipulate it to take monetary, and even life, advantage on others. Is this JUSTICE?

I thank God for He assured me about how all these people will be judged by Him one day. But I can see the world rotating everyday. It is rotating out of the supposed cause.


2 months! Aargh!!

I know I should't panic. But the thought that there are only 2 months left to my CLP exams brings terror into my mind! Aarghh!!

The scariest movie in the world should not be about ghosts and demons but about one's journey through the CLP. That's scary.

It feels like 3 years of degree all combined into one exam. Imagine the number of cases to memorise. Now I wish the CLP board would allow candidates to bring case books into the exam hall. Yeah right! Keep dreaming...

CLP exams did terrible things to me. It casued me to go for a bad hair cut (I look like a mushroom now). It caused me to do all sorts of crazy things.

CLP...curse you! :P