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Happy 2015!

An Overdue Short Update:
In the past 2 years, I hava grown, fallen, picked myself up and kept walking, got married, stretched, stirred, encouraged, laughes loads, cried some and got a new baby!

God is good. His faithfulness is true.


Simple Truth - God is bigger

In Colossians 4:2-4 MSG, Paul asked that people pray for him so that doors can be open for him to share the mysteries of Christ even in prison!

Many times we allows situations or our circumstances to get to us when we should be like Paul, having the faith to see God move even in 'prison' - a state of limitation, constraint and of being bound.

God is bigger than our situations and circumstances.


Real Women Real Story - Wantan!

I had the opportunity to spend a day with my in-laws on 2nd day of Raya. We took them to a famous restaurant along Jalan Maharajalela called Hung Kee. It's signature food is their charsiew wantan noodles. Fully DIY, fresh and yummy!

What amazes me though wasn't just the food but the women who helped out in the restaurant. An old lady with full white hair, a mid aged lady and another woman sat around 1 of the tables, and all they did was wrap wantans. And man, they were fast!
The men made the noodles for the customers...
...while the women prepared the wantans. They made over 3000 wantans a day!
I love seeing the collaboration between all the people that ran the restaurant, especially the women! This is Real Women, Real Story. Go check it out!