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I did it!!

You know some people are just so afraid to drive after they got their driving license and met with an accident because of the fear or accidents again and also lack of confidence in themselves.

Yeah, I was one of those shitty people that some of you will laugh and jeer at :)

But I don't mind being one, because only when there is a 'low' in one's life can one overcome it by God's grace. That was what I did.

The last time I drove was really really long time ago, especially in KL. I only drove twice here. The last time was the time that I backed into a car that I would never be able to pay for in my entire life.

Since then I struggled to drive again. Part of me wants to do it because 1. I have a driving license. 2. My loved ones and friends need my favour. 3. I need to get around in KL somehow. 4. When I tumpang other's car to go somewhere, they alway seemed to have to stop at somewhere, get off their car to do something, leaving me ALONE in the car... so in case if they are blocking somebody, I have to drive away.

But the other part of me is very very scared.

Thank God. He really has His own ways in working things out.

No coincidence. Two weeks ago, TY had to leave for China for vacation with his family. He drove his car back to Seremban for service and repair. And... my aunt had to attend some motivation camp conducted by the National Sports Council. These two events inevitably directed me to only one choice-I had to drive to go somewhere, with my aunt's car while she's gone! Oh no!!

On my way to collect my aunt's Silver Kelissa, I could only think of how I was going to drive her car. For a moment, I felt as though I was a road-phobic! But I somehow pulled myself together, got her car, and started driving it back to my house. You have no idea how thankful I was to God when I reached home in one piece!

For the next two weeks, I reluctantly drove to college, to Sunway, to other places I ad to go.

By His grace, after the two weeks, I overcame my fear of driving. I no longer despise it! Yeah! Yes, the memory of backing into a Mercedes S-Class (Yes, the cost was unbearable!) is still in my head. But the thought of it no longer brings chills down my spine. It's just a reminder that I have to be more careful when I drive now.

I did it! And I have to admit that if it wasn't for God's grace and strength, I wouldn't be able to overcome my fear of driving.

You won't believe this...Now, driving is one of my favourite activity, especially when I drive people to the house of God! :)


New Found Great 8.

And the Great 8 returns...
Is it in the food? In the DNA? Or is it just the camera and computer graphics?
People are just getting more and more good looking these days. Inevitably, a new Great 8 is born.
Here is my new found Great 8.*The previous Great 8 remains. So altogether there are 16 now :P *

Won Bin, Korean actor.
Zac Efron, Highschool Musical.Garrett Hedlund, Eragon, Four Brothers, my favourite in this list.
Josh Harnett, dream date!!
Sorry, this pic is very small, guess he is not that famous yet. Kenichi Matsuyama, 'L' in Death Note, Japanese actor.

Adam Brody, The O.C., Mr. and Mrs Smith.
Ashton Kutcher, love his movies.
Gael Garcia Bernal, Babel, so beautiful...

Hope you had a great eye candy session too!! :P