Disney Sunset

Disney Sunset
Disney Sunset


God's Protecting Me.

Thank God for protecting me in times of danger.

Last night, I finished work around 11.45pm and haven't had dinner. So I decided to drive to the nearest McD's. The street was very quiet. My car was parked somewhere further from my house because there was no other place for me to park. When I stepped out of my house, another car suddenly turned into the road that I was crossing. It has big, loud exhaust, and sure enough it was making all the noise it can possibly make, disturbing the stillness of the night.

The guy in the car whistled as he drove past, and his scary loud laughter faded off as his car drifted off into another corner at the end of the road. Oh man, I just stepped out of my house! My car is still quite a distance away. And I seem to be the only human being around.

So I quickened my steps towards my car, fumbling through my bag full of rubbish for my car keys. And then I heard those loud exhaust again. It was getting nearer and nearer and I was SO scared. I still have to cross another road to get to my car. So I quickened my steps some more. Thank God the guy only reached where I was after I opened my car door. But I heard him shout "Baby, need some ride?!!" And then he drifted off into another street again until his tail-lights were gone, and so was the noise of the exhaust and his evil laugh.

Of course I didn't sit in my car and wait for him to come back. I immediately ignited the engine and sped off to McD's. While I was driving, I could still hear that laughter in my head, creeping the crap out of me. But when I turned to God, I thank Him for protecting me. Who knows what could have happened to me, or if that guy actually reached me before I could cross the road to my car.

Really thank God for protecting me.


Finger Juice - RedtroClassic.

Transforming my journal.

Yin Yang.

Starry Starry Nite.

RedtroClassic - a fusion.


Velvet On Paper.

Finger Juice - Cherry Blossoms.

First cup of Finger Juice posted here :)
Just thought I'd get some feedbacks to improve.

A peek from the top.

With love.


Cherry blossoms.

Clearly handmade.

Yellow Butterflies.

I don't know about you but I see so many yellow butterflies recently. I saw it in my walks, as I was driving, as I look out my window, as I step out of my house door, it seemed to be everywhere I looked!

So what's the big deal about yellow butterflies?

The first meaningful memory I have about yellow butterflies was the Penang Butterfly Park which my parents took me to when I was really small. At home, the picture of little Sin Yee holding a paper cone looking into every bush trying to capture a butterfly is still in the photo album that I browse through twice a year. It was an indication of how much my parents loved me, and they would always take me to nice places so that I can have the best.

Later on, yellow butterflies didn't really mean much to me until I came to know God. There was a time just after I accepted Christ as I was taking my morning stroll along Gurney beach in Penang, I said a prayer to God and the second I opened my eyes, I saw a yellow butterfly fluttering by. It was small, yet brightly beautiful. It made me smile :)

Whenever I see a yellow butterfly now, it reminds me of how much my earthly parents love me, also how near and how real my Saviour can be and how much He loves me. If He didn't, He wouldn't have let that beautiful yellow butterfly flutter by ;)

So what reminds you of how much you are loved?