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Attraction lesson.

I once attended a video viewing session, which I still can't believe I had to pay for, regarding "The Secret".

"The Secret" shows the way a person can be successful in every aspect in their lives be in in love, studies, career or finance. Most of the show was testimonies from well-known people about how they found this "Secret" and how this "Secret" has helped them to achieve their dreams.

"The Secret" is the Law of Attraction. Despite the "The Secret" show, the Law of Attraction concept expounded by it was still a total crap to me, although some buy it.

The Law of Attraction is an invinsible mechanism that is working all the time, attracting things into our lives be it bad things or good things, material things or abstract things. It was alleged in the video that just by the thought of something, the Law of Attraction will work to attract that thing into one's life. So let say when one's bills are piling up and they never seemed to be able to be settled, just by a thought that they can be paid up, the Law of Attraction will attract it into one's life and it will happen. Huh?? was what I thought when I watched the video :P A girl who attended the video viewing session that night said out loud "It won't rain." while thinking it when the skies were cloudy on an outing day. I was just too shocked to react to her action. 30 minutes later, it didn't rain... she totally bought into "The Secret". But guess what? It rained 30 minutes later.

The idea of the Law of Attraction is very attractuve to many people in this material world today where almost everyone is chasing after material things that can satisfy. But seriously, is there REALLY a Law of Attraction?

My answer to that question would be: YES, it is encompassed in Matthew 6:33.
But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

When we have to chase after things like money, car, house, clothes, etc in our lives, we get caught up in so much of tension, worries and complicated decision making scenarios. One day, we will just feel so tired of chasing after these things and realised that the chase is overrated afterall. But if we seek God's kingdom first, we are only concerned with our relationship with God. We place out total trust in Him whether life is good or bad, and just focus on His face. We need not chase after these things, instead these things will be chasing after us. When we seek His kingdom first, giving Him the top priority in our lives, we become the magnet itself by His grace which will draw these things near to us. How wonderful is that? Only He can ensure such wonderfulness. This is THE Law of Attraction.

May you know Him better than you did yesterday.
Hersheys signing off.