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A Step Of Faith.

I couldn't leave office in time to avoid the heavy rain yesterday. I waited at the edge of a walk-way either for some kind soul to offer me cover to my car, or for the rain to subside.

I became desperate since I had dinner appointment with Hugan and Yoges at Piccadilly PJ. So, like what every desperate person would do (No, I didn't terrorise a passer-by to give me his umbrella), I prayed to God to make the rain stop, or give me an umbrella.

I prayed again and again. Didn't seem to change.

I couldn't wait any longer, so I thought 'Oh what the heck, get wet get wet la...maybe once I step out it will subside'. And, I took my step of faith, started walking in the rain towards my car. And the rain subsided once I started walking.

I thought about it and figured that God was joking with me. But then again, it is true that sometimes, in order to see God move in our lives, we are the ones who need to take the first step of faith. Once we do, everything else will fall into place. Right?

Or else, what the Bible say 'We cannot please God without faith' would be false.

God bless ya!