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Disney Sunset
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Maybe it is the craze of bald-om after Thaipusam. In IPG, I not only see many of my Indian pals going bald, the CAR PARK is now bald too!

There used to be a huge tree, pretty old one, on the IPG CAR PARK. Two days ago it was still there when I came to college for the L** exam. But this morning it was gone! *GASP*

I thought the UFO must have abducted the poor tree, or maybe it had gone to the Middle Earth to attend the AGM of the tree-people like those we see in LOTR.

Hehe, OK...lets be sane again. The tree was uprooted from the CAR PARK. And the CAR PARK is now bald with tar toppings.

I miss the tree. Now, I will have no more leaves to remove from AiChing's SLK windscreen. And poor SLK of AiChing and Joy, they will suffer from sun burns and will never be fair again (Scientists, please invent a car UV protection lotion for cars!!). IPG is going to be even hotter now without Mr. Treebeard providing cool and shade to the CAR PARK. And, there is less oxygen to the increasing number of students here.

All these for 2 bloody extra parking spaces. Wow.


LAN no more.

Yahoo!! Yipee!! Sshhh... Ok, I gotta be rejoicing silently because right now the LAN Malaysian Studies Final Exam is still going on and I am out here, in the library, typing this! hehe. Oh, how I love breaking rules.

Well, actually, I am not breaking rules lar. It's just that I have finished answering the questions and passed up the paper already. So why stay in the exam hall summore? ;)

Did the paper in an hour's time, but I took 15 minutes extra for Moral Studies paper. I am so glad that there will no longer be LAN classes on Saturdays, no more LAN project to do and no more LAN quizes (although I skipped 60% of the classes on Saturdays, hehe) Now, my life is LAN no more!! YEAH!!

However, a mystery remains to be solved until now. From the time I paid RM 160 to the IPG front counter until this moment when I am typing this, I am still wondering: "Why the hell am I sitting for the LAN papers?"


Amazing Joy

Hehe, Joy, yes you are amazing! But sorry to let you know that I am not writing about you. Perhaps I will, in the foreseeable future *gasp*Oh, no! Look what studying law has done to me!*

In my 22 years of life, I have gone through much joyful moments and painful times too. In fact, to me life seems to have more painful moments than happy ones although I have learned gradually how to see things from the brighter side. But ultimately, I don't see a definite JOY.

However, life seems to have taken its turning point. For the past 5 months, I have been through more struggle and persecution, psychologically and emotionally, from all sorts of people, including those I love dearly, than the sum of challenges I faces in my life before these 'new life' began. Despite all these persecutions, I was never sad for a second.
Luke 2:10 And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. (KJV)

Yes, I was hurt on the way, and trampled on the ground, and thrown into a pit of sorrowful fire. Amazingly, I was joyful, truly JOYFUL, all the way.
Gal 5:2222 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, (KJV)

Thank God. If it was not for HIM, I would most probably suffer a long, slow death, or end up in Tanjung Rambutan, or hell by now. I would like to take this opportunity to ask for a favour from my brothers and sisters who read this to keep me in your prayer. As Jared said: 'At the rate you are growing, the devil will take opportunity to make you fall really hard.' TQ.

Clearly, that which does not kill me will make me stronger. Amen.

Satan's Work

As quietly as God works, Satan too have been working silently. This is why it is very damaging, since people are just too blind to see these invisible forces and if they do see them, it is very likely for them to make a mistake in telling the difference.

For example, when God has blessed a person with much gifts, it could be seen as 'Oh, I'm being lucky!', etc. They failed to see that they should thank God for it and they failed to see how much God loves them.

Many things around us show how the Satan successfully blinded many of us to see the beauty of the Lord. Visit this site and see how Bible verses were taken as 'hate literature'! www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=31080

Matthew 9:24
He said unto them, Give place: for the maid is not dead, but sleepeth. And they laughed him to scorn.

Yes, it is sad. But there is still hope. Perhaps, all these can be taken as a process for us to learn to be more compassionate, and to be a better example of Christ.

Matt 5:10-12
10 Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven

Rev 2:9-10
9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

Have you allowed Satan to blind you?


It's 50!

Yeah, welcome to my 50th posting in my Chocoholic blog! Didn't know I could even reach this point. Applause to myself *clap clap clap* OK, enough with the crap, let's get down to business.

February is ending and so much amazing things have happened in this year.

This morning when I was having breakfast at the college canteen with Aiching and Joy, I received a SMS from my hometown friend who is currently working in Singapore. The translated version goes like this "I'm getting married on 29th this month! Can't believe I will be the first despite all the statements I've made about remaining single. I will tell you the story later..sorry!"

As blur as I could be, I fell for it. I replied with a message of shock, put down my phone, started eating my pineapple fried rice, then I realised... there is no 29th this month. I got dooped!!

Embarassment aside... Joshua House celebrated Charmaine's belated birthday yesterday after our weekly prayer meeting. It is the tradition that before we get a bite on the cake, each person present will say a word of encouragement to the birthday boy or girl. So everyone said something, and Jonn, Charmaine's boyfriend, was the last to say it.

He started out with Charmaine being a Joshua House member, as a friend, as a daughter, and then as a girlfriend. He shared such touching comments, and with the way they were looking into each other's eyes, it was exactly like any romantic movie I've seen in the cinema... but this is even better because it's live!

Charmaine has everything necessary to be a good girlfriend. According to Jonn, what he looked for the most was love for God. True enough, one who truly loves God will never forget about love for family, friends, etc. Charmaine is an excellent example.

Jonn then said, "I really appreciate to have you in my life and thank God for it,and...", at this moment, all of us said, "And??And??Continue!"

The room filled laughter which made Jonn and Charmaine blushed. When silence took hold of the room again, Jonn continued, "You mean the world to me...and I love you."

Jonn then hugged Charmaine...and what was I doing? You guess it...CRYING :)


Does it matter?

The secret of a good life is to have the right loyalties and hold them in the right scale of values.
by Norman Thomas

So many people in this world engaged in unnecessary debates and caused themselves much trouble for concerning themselves with things that do not matter at all. Just try listening to others' conversations (not eavesdropping, but welcomed ones of course) when you are hanging out with a group of friends, colleagues, or even within your family. How many topics in the conversation are actually important?

No doubt, we need to get away from our hectic and busy routine life once in a while to stay sane by being insane and be involved in nutty actions or pointless talks just to laugh or have a good time. But most of us have forgotten the fact that there are many matters worth our attention much much much more than all these.

For example, questions like 'How does my skirt look?' or 'Is my butt beautiful?' or 'XYZ got higher marks than you for ABC paper ah?'

Just look at how many people out there who are suffering, and who could have lived a better life only if you divert your attention to them instead of all these pointless matters. A small effort from you can make a big difference! Who cares if your skirt looks odd or is your butt is sexy or if you got higher marks than another student in the class. When you die, all these will fade away and holds no significance.

So please stop comparing one's marks with another's. What matters is how you can do better than your current state, not theirs! Live your life! If you adopt another's standards, you will be living someone else's life.

Get a grip!!

PS: To Parvin, no offence when I got upset yesterday when you compared contract paper marks. I seriously do not care and was disappointed that you have engaged in pointless comparison. Sorry.


Pink Monday

Valentines is tomorrow.

Love is in the air
and PINK is everywhere!

I arrived at college to find men and women wearing PINK. I wonder how come PINK had always been used to associate things with love. Here are some of the meanings of the colour I found:

You're so Lovely (Royal Pain a.k.a. Gwen wore PINK)
Perfect Happiness (I need statistics to acknowledge this)
Please believe me (A friend's cousin wears PINK all over, she lies like an expert)
Friendship (I doubt this)
Femininity (Meterosexuals dilemma??)
Truth (Comment has been made above. How come the judges don't wear PINK?)
Emotional healing (I don't see how any counselors prescribed their patients to wear PINK)

In different places, the colour also reflects different element:
European : Feminine colour, baby girls
East India : Feminine colour
Japan : Popular with both sexes (Oh, this is disastour!)
Korea : trust (This is not foolproof)
Feng Shui : Yin, love

Honestly, I personally dislike PINK because since young, I find so many girls wearing PINK and they all somehow seemed to sweet for me to handle and I became 'jelak' of it and whenever I saw it, I want to puke! No offence to all those who likes PINK.

Now, guys are wearing PINK too! Arghh!!!

ReTreaT disCoverY

Back from Penang Hill Leaders' Retreat! Sorry, no photos could be uploaded yet
I miss the weather up there though. So cooling even though it's sunny. Exactly the same as Canada, my favourite climate!

Learned so much in the retreat and I had a smashing good time with my lovely brothers and sisters from Joshua House. Although it was a short retreat, I got so much from God and from them too! Life has become even more beautiful and worth it now!

The sharing on the Bible was about Moses, the book of Exodus and the tabernacle in Numbers. God truly opened my eyes to see the mindset that He wants us to adopt while reading His words. This is a discovery that I will treasure until the day I enter His kingdom.

Anyways, the retreat was truly a refreshing experience for me as it was my first official outing with Joshua House. The spiders, ands and mosquitoes there are twice and triple the size of the insects we find at home! And there are all sorts of other funny funny insects too!

In the mornings, I awake to find beautiful-sparkling morning dews on the grass. I haven't see this for a long, long time. Lots of beatiful houses, very old-victorian style, and flowers there too! Although the journey from the train station to the Methodist centre was quite tiring (Yes, it is time to work out), I enjoyed it very much!

At nights, when we sleep, the sound of the wind blowing and the movement of the leaves could be heard so clearly, and the insects' concert too.

It was a wonderful retreat. And I miss it :(
But I am glad that I know my life in this world now has taken a turning point. Now the roller-coaster ride has begun...and I am so excited about it!!