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Does it matter?

The secret of a good life is to have the right loyalties and hold them in the right scale of values.
by Norman Thomas

So many people in this world engaged in unnecessary debates and caused themselves much trouble for concerning themselves with things that do not matter at all. Just try listening to others' conversations (not eavesdropping, but welcomed ones of course) when you are hanging out with a group of friends, colleagues, or even within your family. How many topics in the conversation are actually important?

No doubt, we need to get away from our hectic and busy routine life once in a while to stay sane by being insane and be involved in nutty actions or pointless talks just to laugh or have a good time. But most of us have forgotten the fact that there are many matters worth our attention much much much more than all these.

For example, questions like 'How does my skirt look?' or 'Is my butt beautiful?' or 'XYZ got higher marks than you for ABC paper ah?'

Just look at how many people out there who are suffering, and who could have lived a better life only if you divert your attention to them instead of all these pointless matters. A small effort from you can make a big difference! Who cares if your skirt looks odd or is your butt is sexy or if you got higher marks than another student in the class. When you die, all these will fade away and holds no significance.

So please stop comparing one's marks with another's. What matters is how you can do better than your current state, not theirs! Live your life! If you adopt another's standards, you will be living someone else's life.

Get a grip!!

PS: To Parvin, no offence when I got upset yesterday when you compared contract paper marks. I seriously do not care and was disappointed that you have engaged in pointless comparison. Sorry.

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