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LAN no more.

Yahoo!! Yipee!! Sshhh... Ok, I gotta be rejoicing silently because right now the LAN Malaysian Studies Final Exam is still going on and I am out here, in the library, typing this! hehe. Oh, how I love breaking rules.

Well, actually, I am not breaking rules lar. It's just that I have finished answering the questions and passed up the paper already. So why stay in the exam hall summore? ;)

Did the paper in an hour's time, but I took 15 minutes extra for Moral Studies paper. I am so glad that there will no longer be LAN classes on Saturdays, no more LAN project to do and no more LAN quizes (although I skipped 60% of the classes on Saturdays, hehe) Now, my life is LAN no more!! YEAH!!

However, a mystery remains to be solved until now. From the time I paid RM 160 to the IPG front counter until this moment when I am typing this, I am still wondering: "Why the hell am I sitting for the LAN papers?"

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