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It's 50!

Yeah, welcome to my 50th posting in my Chocoholic blog! Didn't know I could even reach this point. Applause to myself *clap clap clap* OK, enough with the crap, let's get down to business.

February is ending and so much amazing things have happened in this year.

This morning when I was having breakfast at the college canteen with Aiching and Joy, I received a SMS from my hometown friend who is currently working in Singapore. The translated version goes like this "I'm getting married on 29th this month! Can't believe I will be the first despite all the statements I've made about remaining single. I will tell you the story later..sorry!"

As blur as I could be, I fell for it. I replied with a message of shock, put down my phone, started eating my pineapple fried rice, then I realised... there is no 29th this month. I got dooped!!

Embarassment aside... Joshua House celebrated Charmaine's belated birthday yesterday after our weekly prayer meeting. It is the tradition that before we get a bite on the cake, each person present will say a word of encouragement to the birthday boy or girl. So everyone said something, and Jonn, Charmaine's boyfriend, was the last to say it.

He started out with Charmaine being a Joshua House member, as a friend, as a daughter, and then as a girlfriend. He shared such touching comments, and with the way they were looking into each other's eyes, it was exactly like any romantic movie I've seen in the cinema... but this is even better because it's live!

Charmaine has everything necessary to be a good girlfriend. According to Jonn, what he looked for the most was love for God. True enough, one who truly loves God will never forget about love for family, friends, etc. Charmaine is an excellent example.

Jonn then said, "I really appreciate to have you in my life and thank God for it,and...", at this moment, all of us said, "And??And??Continue!"

The room filled laughter which made Jonn and Charmaine blushed. When silence took hold of the room again, Jonn continued, "You mean the world to me...and I love you."

Jonn then hugged Charmaine...and what was I doing? You guess it...CRYING :)

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