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The Unknowns

In mathematics in school, we learn how to solve equations with unknowns in them, mostly labelled as x,y,z or a,b,c. Somehow or rather, shifting the unknowns to other positions in the equations will help us discover what that unknown is.

The equation with unknown is like life. The only difference is, in equations, you can only have that many number of unknowns or otherwise it's an invalid equation. In life, on the other hand, there are unknown number of unknowns, but life isn't invalid :)

I became astonishingly aware of life's unknowns during college. Don't ask me why I didn't see them earlier. I just didn't!

The unknowns are: passing my exams, waking up the next day, sufficient finance to last for the week, food on the table for the next meal, meeting a new friend, touching someone's life, breaking up with my boyfriend at that time, etc etc.

It's been 2 years since college, the unknowns only increase and the more I tried to reposition them to discover the unknowns, the more unknowns enter my life. It's a never-ending story...
But you know what? The unknowns are what makes life more beautiful and interesting. I thank God I don't wake up to a life knowing all the things that will happen in the next 24 hours or next 30 days. And I thank God that the unknowns forced me to seek Him even more, which makes life soooooo much more bearable.

I do have more unknowns now. They drive me nuts sometimes, but they make life beautiful ;)

God bless y'all