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Conversations At Funeral

A friend's dad had recently passed away after a sudden heart attack. When other friends who knew of the incident met up and also days after it, the conversations still revolved around the same subject - how my friend's dad died.

It was hard to hear the same questions asked once. But to hear it and discuss it over and over again, it was tormenting, especially when I thought of the grief my friend's family is going through now.

I thought to myself 'Man, people can't stop talking about how he died. It is not helping at all! When I die, the last thing I want people to talk about is how I died, but I want conversations to revolve around HOW I LIVED!'

The truth in the Bible is that life and death are not in our hands but God's. We don't really have a say on which minute of our lives will be our last. With that being the constant, what matters really is not how a person's life ended, but how a person have lived.

I would want people to talk about how I lived, the lives I have had the divine opportunity to impact and the legacy that I established.


Grace Needed But Not Given, So Who Do I Turn To?

Just got into a situation at work where there is nothing I could do to prevent the trouble being caused to one of the Directors involved in a legal case meeting.

I had already sent the reminders and got the confirmations for who to attend the meeting. But during the course of sending out the reminders and getting the confirmations, our case lawyers did not inform me of their decision that one of the Directors, who was listed as a witness for case, no longer need to be called as a witness and hence there is no need for him to be at this meeting.

This Director had to rush from somewhere else to come to our office for the meeting. Imagine the trouble. And, imagine walking into the meeting room only to find out he doesn't need to be there and can leave immediately. I was sitting in the room, and it was only then I knew of the change in the list of witnesses.

But guess who did the Director scolded? Me. I could only say sorry, but of course, sorry wasn't good enough. In their opinion, I didn't carry out me duty. And the worse thing was, the other 2 witnesses sitting in the room who saw how our case lawyers had inform us about the change in the list of witnesses only there at that moment, didn't say a single thing in my defence. One of them was my boyfriend.

I don't know if I am more upset about being called irresponsible/inconsiderate for causing the trouble to the Director, or if I am more upset about my boyfriend not saying anything to my defence.

I am sure all of us face this situation at some point in our lives, whether work related or not.

I've learnt through this incident:-
a) To not rely on man to defend me, but to rely solely on God who will uphold the cause of the righteous. When I have not wronged my conscience and there is really nothing I can do in a situation, God will somehow work things out by His grace.
b) For future cases, I will instruct our case lawyers to call the witnesses for meetings instead.

Now, time to get back to work. Toodles!


To be one

My heart aches in longing to be one with You
To know each and every thought of Yours
To hear Your voice each and every minute

My heart thirsts for intimacy with You
To know which way You will direct the ship
before You move to change the sail

My heart desires to beat in one with Yours
To see like You, to hear like You
To walk in Your presence all the days of my life

Only You can satisfy my heart eternally
And yes, I know that You know
How I want to be one with You.


1st of 2012.

I have no idea what to blog.

There goes my first blog of 2012!