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Conversations At Funeral

A friend's dad had recently passed away after a sudden heart attack. When other friends who knew of the incident met up and also days after it, the conversations still revolved around the same subject - how my friend's dad died.

It was hard to hear the same questions asked once. But to hear it and discuss it over and over again, it was tormenting, especially when I thought of the grief my friend's family is going through now.

I thought to myself 'Man, people can't stop talking about how he died. It is not helping at all! When I die, the last thing I want people to talk about is how I died, but I want conversations to revolve around HOW I LIVED!'

The truth in the Bible is that life and death are not in our hands but God's. We don't really have a say on which minute of our lives will be our last. With that being the constant, what matters really is not how a person's life ended, but how a person have lived.

I would want people to talk about how I lived, the lives I have had the divine opportunity to impact and the legacy that I established.