Disney Sunset

Disney Sunset
Disney Sunset


According to Him.

According to the world and the evil voice in my head,
I am worthless, useless, nothing, a nobody, not good enough, a failure.

But according to Him, the One who created me,
I am His everything, beautiful, precious, a masterpiece, able, loved.
It is true.
This is the truth.
He wouldn't have sacrifice His own life to bear my sins.
He wouldn't have thought of me on the cross on which He was crucified.
He wouldn't have paid the price for me to live an abundant life.
He wouldn't have given His everything for me.

I love You, Jesus. Oh my, I must be somebody to You.

Devil, I won't listen to you...because you didn't die for me.


Bahasa Kuala.

I am back in my hometown for two days. It is great to be home and have the chance to spend time with my family, and the two new dogs at home.

We went to a local coffee shop for breakfast this morning. There were a few stalls selling a variety of noodles and one particular Indian stall selling nasi lemak and roti canai.

What caught my attention in the coffee shop was the dialect the people were speaking in. They were conversing in the local Kuala (Perak) dialect in Bahasa. Words like 'bagus' is 'bagui', 'kamu' is 'hang', and etc.

After staying in KL for so long, I have somehow forgotten the amusing yet important dialect in the Kuala community, a common dialect that united all races and brought people together irregardless of background, faith and age!

I haven't been back in Kuala for a while. And it is great to be back! I love Kuala Kangsar! :)


He amuses me.

God amuses me, and He keeps me looking forward to it!

Yesterday, a squirrel walked home with me for about 30 meters. It stood up, looked at me and then ran off to a drain after that. I knew God sent it there to accompany me :)

This morning, I stepped out of my house to go to work and saw aa straight row of birds, about 20 of them, sitting still on the power line in front of my house like that Pixar short cartoon. I can't help but smile all my way to work!