Disney Sunset

Disney Sunset
Disney Sunset



Light: an illuminating agent or source.

...but what a difference it can make!

Not just to let us see in the dark, but also for decoration and dressing up. Like dressing up the Kuala Kangsar clock tower.

When driving into town at night and if the lights are on, my dad would always say :"Wow, look at the clock tower! It's in a beautiful blue dress today!" :) I've seen it in yellow too. It is nice!

Yes, light can make a huge difference. And I know, Jesus is The Light :D


Weird + Fun.

I am prone to having weird but fun moments, Haha, just because I'm weird myself.


This morning, I received a weird SMS from a stranger. I thought he must have sent it to the wrong person. I just deleted the SMS and went back to sleep.

Later, he called! And the conversation went like this (Translated from Mandarin):
SY (Weirdo 1):Hello?
Weirdo 2: Sin Yee rite?
Weirdo 1: Ya...
Weirdo 2: Did you see the 'Dada' SMS this morning?
Weirdo 1: Ya...
Weirdo 2: Can you please keep the netbook 1st. It's downstairs by the staircase.
Weirdo 1: You mean at home? Downstairs?
Weirdo 2: Ya, beside the pile of my clothes...
Weirdo 1: Huh? I didn't see it wor...don't have what netbook also...
Weirdo 2: Oh, you wait ah... (background noise of Weirdo 2 talking to Weirdo 3 "You called the wrong person is it??")
Weirdo 2: Hello?
Weirdo 1: I think you called the wrong person.
- Weirdo 2 hung up phone - Tut Tut Tut Tut -

LOL. What a fun morning.
Eventhough I don't know who's that person, I will still layan for the fun of it and see how it ends.