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Good in Bad

Just watched Soul Surfer. I was deeply inspired and encouraged by the story of Bethany Hamilton. But I was even more inspired by her boldness to tell the world about Jesus in her life.

Her story speaks to many, if not all, of us. Things happen in life to make us question how can it be God's plan for us. We will always have the power to choose to believe either only good will come out of the bad situation, or to choose to believe that we are victims and let the situation conquer us.

1 John 4:4 says 'Little children, you are from God and have overcome them, for he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world'. So definitely, we are not meant to be carrying a victim mindset when bad situations hit us but to believe that only good will come out of it. We can become stronger, wiser and more mature, if and only if, we choose to respond to bad situations well.

Bad situations are not all bad. Good can be found in them. And good can come out of it. Bethany Hamilton's life is evidence. I want my life to be that too!


Preparing For Conference.

I have the privilege to be part of a team organizing the Kingdom Women Conference 2011 at Sunway Convention Center this coming September. So far it's been great experience working alongside others who stand united in one spirit with one God-inspired cause (battling the injustice of human trafficking) in our hearts.

I've been entrusted with putting up a dance for the opening item. I have to say, although it didn't seem easy to look for people at 1st, God made it possible and provided the right people! This amazing team managed to learn the 4 minutes dance in just 4 short practices and it is looking good! But the best part about being part of the dance team is that they are all a blessing in my life in different ways. Our practices are always filled with laughter and positive encouragement shot at one another.

Yet, behind all the physical preparation, we are also fasting and praying into the Conference, watering onto the seeds God has planted and setting the stage for what God is going to do on 9th and 10th September this year. Testimony after testimony has been told of God's provision, encouragement and confirmation on it being a God-Conference.

I am so excited for the Conference. And if you are a woman, I encourage you to sign up if you haven't already. I am not promoting it simply because I am part of the organizing team, but I totally believe that when women stand united, believing that we are all called for such a time as this and for this very occasion, this very time when human trafficking is affecting the society and growing, awesome things WILL happen. Also, I believe that women will greatly be blessed, appreciated, and be set free from things that stop them from becoming the awesome woman that Christ has intended her to be. All we have are things given to us by our Creator and we ought to be good stewards of them. One of the ways to be a god steward is to invest those things, like time and money, into something that can help us grow in Christ and will impact our world. This Conference is one good place to invest in.

We are raising funds to rescue human trafficking victims. It takes RM200 to rescue one. We also believing for a God-solution to the issue of human trafficking. Nothing is too big nor too difficult for our Might God!

It is going to be some Conference. Don't miss it!


The world needs Jesus

On Saturday morning few days ago, I followed my dad to visit 1 of the students from his school who had just returned from 1st chemo therapy treatment. She suffers from leukemia, and she is only 10.

There had been no history of cancer or leukemia in her family. Her parents expressed their confusion over how it started in this little girl's life. Her dad told us about the boy who's 13 years old who was in the same ward with her during treatment. He suffers from cancer and similarly there had been no history of cancer in his family.

As I sat there listening to all the conversation going on, I kept looking at the little girl who's skin and bones only, and I shot glances over to the idol in their home, and prayed in tongues the whole moment. I had to fight back my tears. It is heart-breaking to know that children are suffering from sicknesses and that they have become victims of the curse from the fall.

The parents are confused about how such illness is birthed in their children's lives. They do not know the sin that they are in, and they have no clue whatsoever about the solution and answer.

I am devastated, but, I am also furious at the devil. The world needs Jesus, for he is the only one who can restore the broken connection between the children and God, and wipe out that sin, and the curse that so many are suffering from.

If you are reading this, please pray for children such as this little girl. I will definitely pray for her and believe for a miracle healing.