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Disney Sunset
Disney Sunset


Putting a smile on their faces.

The outreach event at Angsana USJ 1 last Saturday was an awesome success!

By God's grace, we put a smile on over 120 kids' faces and I was personally inspired by the genuine love shown by the volunteers towards the kids and their families.

Here are some photos (by Gaby AT and Victor Yu) Selected from Facebook.

Starting point - We met at Project Fireflies centre
Some kids were so semangat that they waited at the field since 8.30am!
So the volunteers had to keep them entertained until registration start.
Even Lionel Messi didn't want to miss the fun!
Good things come in 2's?
Joanne, Stephanie and Jochebed doing their stuff.
Our MC briefing the kids.
The balloon-team getting their gear ready.
And the fun began!
Boys were divided into teams for the football competition.
Coach Mahesh: Hari ini strategi kami adalah untuk makan ais krim!
Coach Kerry: Jangan pandang mak-we sambil main bola tau!
Fuiyoh! Girls playing football! Way to go!
Alamak! Collision on the field!
Thank God we had Dr Stephen on-call :)
Most girls went for gymnastics/dance.
We had a few younger boys too!
Colourful ribbons in action!
Swing it!
Coach SinYee: Luruskan tangan tu, nanti terbelit kang...
Coach Tammy: .... (limited Malay :P)
Whee! This is so fun!
Guitar workshop was the only programme under a shed.
They were cranking up under the canopy...
Some kids were pretty serious on learning to be a rockstar!
Guitar teachers: Tekan sini sini sana sini.
While all the fun was going on, volunteers served their parents :-
By baby-sitting younger children who weren't old enough to join the programmes!
Nanny Gaby: Babies love me cos I'm comfy :)
Kids saw the Media team at work and asked:
"Teacher, camera tu untuk TV ke? Yang tu 8tv punya ke?"
Josh: Kami dari Channel 6 KC TV...
Kids: *scratches head* ???
Syazwan, one of the kids from Project Fireflies, showing off his paparazi pose.
After an hour of fun, kids and their families were given their treats:
Free ice-cream!
Courtesy of the Last Polka.
Nutella...Horlicks...Malt + PB...Black Sesame...
Eeni mini maini mo.
Kids enjoying the ice-cream with their parents.
Nothing beats having ice-cream sitting on the grass after a hot day!
Group photo!

I have to say that it was a privilege to be part of this successful outreach.
Well done people! I am already looking forward to see the kids at Angsana for Project Fireflies :)

PS: The Project Fireflies centre is open every Wednesday and Friday for kids from unfortunate /underprivileged families to come for English and Maths tuition, do their homework, learn arts and crafts, play games and just hang out. Drop-by Angsana flats Block H 1st unit on the left corner if you like :D I am sure the kids will be happy to meet you.

God bless~!


Kids Ice Cream Day!

KingdomUni of Kingdom City Church PJ believes that God has called the church to rise up and go out to a world that is in need of Christ. In line with its passion for this nation, KingdomUni is having an outreach event on 27.11.2010 from 9.00am until 12.30pm at Angsana USJ 1, Subang Jaya.

In this outreach event, there will be football competition, dance/gymnastics lesson and guitar
workshop with prizes and gifts all going on at the open-concrete field behind the Angsana low cost flats. At the end of the event, all kids will get free feel-good ice cream, courtesy of the Last Polka.

This event is a collaboration between KingdumUni and
Project Fireflies which is a community project started by people who're passionate about making a difference in the lives of less fortunate under-achieving children in USJ 1.
If you would like to get involved either by volunteering on the day of the event, or make a donation to Project Fireflies, please check out this video : http://vimeo.com/16720393

Here are the links to some of the photos of Project Fireflies :-
Children Medical Camp -
Fireflies Graduation -
Transforming Angsana -

I am looking forward to this event and seeing the smiles on the faces of the children who will come, and also see the joy in their eyes as they head home after the event.

Look out for the photos of the outreach! :)


Insignificantly Famous.

There's a new movie in my Favourite-List : Unstoppable.

I watched it last Saturday with Teng Yung, and we both liked it a lot. It's intense and every minute gives an on-the-edge feeling. The best part is that it is inspired by true events!

Denzel Washington and Chris Pine's characters, Frank Barnes and Will Colson were based on 2 men named Jon Hosfeld and Mike Smith who actually lived the story depicted in the blockbuster movie that happened on 15th May 2001. So many people lived because of their courage in risking their own lives to stop the rain, now known as the 'Crazy Eights'.

After watching the movie, I thought about how awesome that it is inspired by true events. It hit me that those events really happened, and those men really did it! But if it wasn't for the movie, me and so many people wouldn't have known about this significant event.

There must have been incidents in our lives where real people risked their lives or made sacrifices to save us or to make a real-significant-meaningful difference. But they never made the news, and even if it did, it wouldn't have been as famous as 'Who's Justin Bieber Dating Now' or 'Lady Gaga's Meat Purse'.

I know many people in my life like Hosfeld. What they've done may be insignificant on the world's scale of significance in comparison to other news. But to me, they are the real famous people, and they are really insignificantly famous. Eternally significant.

Do you know someone like that in your own life? :)

If yes, I would love to hear from you.