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A Little Survey.

So many surveys, ranging from very personal matters to not-so-personal matters, have been posted on Friendster. They have somehow prompted me to ask some really silly and really directionless questions about me and others sround me sometimes.

So, one fine day on my way to dinner, this little question for a little survey of myself popped into my head. I am posting it on this blog. And the question goes:

If there was someone that you would like to eliminate from this world, who would it be?

Hehe, my first answer was no other than the devil himself. I thought 'How much better will this world be without him around'. But then again, God uses him for His purposes sometimes. So, maybe not eliminate him.

Now, to my second answer, and some of you will surely disagree with me (you are entitled to do that. This is my blog and thus I am merely expressing my personal views. There is nothing wrong if you think opposite to me.), is Jolin Tsai.

You are probably wondering why this is my answer. Hehe. It all began when I first heard her 'sang'. Yeah, she can dance, and so does many other people. And, almost all the guys I meet in KL dreamed to have her as their girlfriend. Why? Because of her cup G boobs. These guys I met dread to go to her concert in December just to see her dance (according to them. Well, I see a lot of yoga movements) and her body. Hello? I thought it was a concert. Duh!!

Chill, this is just a survey, and it is just for fun. Don't take it too seriously, ok? :P No elimination.



Sometimes, somethings that you see will remind you or teach you what life is all about. For that matter, things that you see may be what God is using to let you realise something important and significant in your walk with Him. I had such an experience just tonight.

As I was walking around in Mid-Valley just now with TY, a stand that sells those small yellow signs that many people stuck on their car windows caught my attention. As I walked closer to have a look at what the numerous signs were saying, right on the top hung one saying "P.U.S.H.", and underneath these alphabets were 'Pray Until Something Happens'.

My heart tells me at that moment 'Yeah, that is the way we should pray to God'. So many of us pray, but do we really pray surrendering-ly? That small little sign spoke to me tonight. It taught me that when we pray, we should adopt that attitude of 'P.U.S.H.' for many reasons. Here are some that were revealed to me tonight:

1. Reliance
When we P.U.S.H., it shows that we acknowledge our insufficiency, and that the only thing that we human beings can do at times is simply, to pray. This acknowledgement leads us to truly surrender our wishes and desires to God, and to truly rely on Him on what will happen next. And it is this attitude that He wants from us as His creation, just like a Father wants a child to rely on him for guidance, etc.

2. Faith
When we P.U.S.H., we do not give up in prayer, for we know that He hears our prayer and cries of our hearts, and it signifies that we have faith in Him. This faithfulness will inevitably leads us to trust the Lord for all things that happen in our lives. When you have faith in, let say, a friend of yours in a task, do you give up on this friend half way through before the task is completed? Of course, the answer is 'No'. This is the same for God, is if we 'P.U.S.H.', because we have faith that our prayers will be answered, which is why we pray endlessly until it is anwered, not quitting on Him halfway through.

I hope this post has blessed you. Have an extraordinary day :)