Disney Sunset

Disney Sunset
Disney Sunset


ReTreaT disCoverY

Back from Penang Hill Leaders' Retreat! Sorry, no photos could be uploaded yet
I miss the weather up there though. So cooling even though it's sunny. Exactly the same as Canada, my favourite climate!

Learned so much in the retreat and I had a smashing good time with my lovely brothers and sisters from Joshua House. Although it was a short retreat, I got so much from God and from them too! Life has become even more beautiful and worth it now!

The sharing on the Bible was about Moses, the book of Exodus and the tabernacle in Numbers. God truly opened my eyes to see the mindset that He wants us to adopt while reading His words. This is a discovery that I will treasure until the day I enter His kingdom.

Anyways, the retreat was truly a refreshing experience for me as it was my first official outing with Joshua House. The spiders, ands and mosquitoes there are twice and triple the size of the insects we find at home! And there are all sorts of other funny funny insects too!

In the mornings, I awake to find beautiful-sparkling morning dews on the grass. I haven't see this for a long, long time. Lots of beatiful houses, very old-victorian style, and flowers there too! Although the journey from the train station to the Methodist centre was quite tiring (Yes, it is time to work out), I enjoyed it very much!

At nights, when we sleep, the sound of the wind blowing and the movement of the leaves could be heard so clearly, and the insects' concert too.

It was a wonderful retreat. And I miss it :(
But I am glad that I know my life in this world now has taken a turning point. Now the roller-coaster ride has begun...and I am so excited about it!!

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