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Disney Sunset
Disney Sunset


The World

It is ugly
It is scary
It is full of hatred
It is the world.
Look closely
You'll see
So much sorrows
So much pain
So much evil
It is the world
Tragedy rules
In the headlines
In people's lives
In people's heart
In this world.
And yet
they have turned away
from the ultimate joy
the ultimate One
Full of love
that could save
This world.
It is so clear
It is so certain
We need more
of this love
to beautify lives
In this world.
People made their hearts
Into stones
and then complain
about the tragedies
When they
Could have make
a BIG difference.
is the world.
So come
brothers and sisters
Let us strive
to be prayer warriors
So this infinite love
Can give endless hope
that counters evil.
It may be exhausting
And costly
this is the world.
Hepi CNY to y'all!
The poem, which sadly is not even a lousy poem (I'm not born a poet!Pls forgive me for that), was inspired by a discovery of an ugly truth :)
I just found out this morning that my house was suppose to be my neighbour's house...ermm, you see, my house is a corner/side house with empty land by the side. So next to my house is another house with a strip of empty land, it is the beginning of another stretch of houses.
When my parents paid deposit for this house which they purchased13 years ago (or longer than that), they actually paid for these two side houses. Right now, I am living in one side house, but my grandma is living in the house next to mine now, the second house in this stretch of houses, not the other side house which my parents had paid the deposit for.
It was only now that I found out that my neighbour did some 'dirty work' which was probably a bribe, to get that side house which my parents had paid deposit for.
Wow, this world is really ugly. And my neighbours are really difficult to love. They are wonderful examples of 'this world', so ugly, so sorrowful, so terrible. This is only one example of the evil things they did...and there's a long, long list of sich things they did. I will never look at them the same way as I did.
And yet, I have to love them, hoping that one day they will repent for their wrongdoings and sins. It id difficult...but the Lord's love keep me going.
Brothers and sisters, do keep each other in our prayers...because there are so many people like this in this world.

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