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Death Omen? Nuh...

To someone superstitious, the sight of a dead cat in front of the house gate will make that person's day.

Although I am not suprstitious, I will still share this story.

Two days ago, as I was stepping out of my house to go to college in my usual beautiful morning walk, I saw a dead cat in front of my house... right in front of my house. A few crows were flying over it, chewing and nibbling at the cat... well, dead cat. The head and body were flatten until I can't tll which was which. Only its 4 legs were left 'undisturbed'. Surprisingly, there wasn't a lot of blood, but there were a lot of flesh!

On th same day, in th evening when I was walking along Gurney Drive with AiChing in our quest for a fitter body (which I failed to achieve despite so many months of 'effort'), we came across a dead dolphin. It was right opposite of Gurney Plaza, lying there motionless on the beach. 3 boys climbed down and got a really close look at it. The moment one of them suggsted touching it, all of them got disgusted at the thought of it and left. The tongue was sticking out, and its intestines were all over the place around the body. There was a long stick, wood I think, that pierced its stomach right above the hole where all the intestines came out from. Now there was a lot of blood. And it stinks like hell!

The creepy thing was, 5 minutes before me and AiChing reached the place where the dead dolphine was at, we saw a tree full of crows. And they are known as relatives of death. 5 minutes later we saw the dead dolphin.

Yesterday morning, when Parvin and I wer walking to the corner shop near my place to get breakfast before we attend a study workshop, we saw a dead rat. It is quite common in my area, as there are abundance of rats there. But it was quite disgusting. Not much blood, but lots of flesh again.

Death could be creepy... and when you saw what happens to these dead animals, you could imagine how tragic it was. But in th end, death is not so scary afterall.. cos I know, I will be at a better place. Much better :)

Hope I didn't spoil your apetite.

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