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Me and Lizard

When you are disgusted about something, like people digging gold (nostrils) in public especially in luxurious cars, or when you fear something more... they seem to appeal to you more, and happens often in your daily life. Am I right?

For example, the more you are afraid of spiders, the more encounters you will have with them.

This was the relationship, or perhaps you can call it fate, with lizards.

The first time a lizard ever lay its four tiny-sticky legs on my skin was when I was 10. I was attending training for gymnastics at a hall in Taiping. And there are so many lizards there. Once I wanted to throw some trash into the dustbin and the moment I lifted the lid of the bin up, a lizard, HUGE lizard, climbed onto my hand which was holding the lid. I screamed for my life and threw the lid on the floor, swung my hand until it almost came off. Thank God, the lizard fell and scatterred off to its next hiding place.

The second encounter I had with a lizard, at the very same hall, was in the toilet. The moment I stepped into the cubicle, a lizard, HUGE one again, climbed onto my right leg and again, I sreamed for my life and hopped and jumped around like a chimpanzee until it fell off from my leg.

The third time a lizard climbed onto me was around 1 or 2 years ago. I can't recall the details so I will not dwell in it. Nevertheless, in my room right now, a lizard, yes, it is a HUGE one, seems to be living there together with me and my roommate. Perhaps it has been there even before we moved in. So this roommate of mine always run across my room to go to the other room next to mine. This, amazingly, happens every day. It's like a routine. Funny....

I even stepped on lizard eggs before..and believe it or not, I crushed a lizards head before, with my bare heel. Yuck! I only heard a cracking sound. And when I turned and looked onto the floor, there is was, flatten...at the head.

Just yesterday, I had another encounter with lizards again. I wanted to take water to fill my pail with water. The moment I grabbed the senduk, a lizard, not so huge this time, climbed onto my right hand. Arrghhh!!!...hehe, nuh, this time I didn't scream. I just swung my hand like the first time until the lizard fell, carried on my business.

Sometimes, I wonder if the lizards have a conspiracy against me....or maybe they have plotted a spying mission on me. Of course....I'm not nuts enough to confirm that this was what they are doing to me :)

Nevertheless, I shall overcome my disgust and fear for lizards. So I will not encounter them again....well, at least not so often.

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  1. Yea! The lizards and spiders formed a coalition to scare the living daylights out of us! Their modus operandi is specific - spread out and target us!!! ARGHHH!!!!!