Disney Sunset

Disney Sunset
Disney Sunset


Wish U weRe tHere.

I am sure each and every of us had had experiences where we wished someone was there to share them with us. These are the moments you realised that there are so many beautiful things or creations in this world that are worth cherishing. These are the moments you realised that life is beautiful because you have loved.

Here are some of those 'moments' that I can remember:

1. Watching the sunset (it was only the sun and th horizon of th sea, no clouds, no island, no hills to block the sun) in PD trip with Lian, Mike, Chok Wei, Cindy, Alyssa, Goik, Kim Tat

2. Admiring the uncountable number or stars on the clear, black, velvet sky at the IPG CF BBG at Marina Bay. This was the first time in my 21 years of life to see so many stars.

3. Witnessing the formation of an whole, complete arch of rainbow right in front of me outside of McD's Sunrise. This was th first time in my life to see a whole arch of rainbow, so huge, and clear, each and every colour...

4. Feeling the soft cool breeze through my fingers early in the morning an Gurney Drive beside one of the trees, standing on one of the rocks...with my eyes closed.

5. Watching fireworks when there was some celebration.

6. Tasting the smooth, sweet, delicious chocolate, chocolate or cheese cake...or sushi...or ice-cream. Savouring evrery bit of the moment.

7. Laughing earnestly, laughing my lungs out at a really stupid joke when hanging out with friends or when watching a movie.

8. Walking along the beach, walking along a street, walking anywhere...alone. Wishing you were there to enjoy the walk...or sweat ;P

9. Playing in the rain and going nuts in it.

10. Looking out the window at the things that pass by when I am sitting in someone else's car, on the way to somewhere for something.

Wish u were there....

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