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Weird 'The Look's

So many things we do will cause others to give us a look, a weird look.
They look at us as though they have never seen a human, or an alien from another planet, or simple some crazy-nutty-weirdo to them.

Just like this morning (in fact almost every morning now), Jonathan and Hazwani, and many new students in college who I don't know, gave me the look when me and Joy were praying in the car. I can't help wondering what is their thought when they gave us that look.... haha, it's probably 'Look at those holy girls again.' or 'Yer...what are they doing?'

Here's a list of some of the things I did that resulted in someone giving me the look:

- when I started laughing by myself when I am alone after a funny thought crossed my mind
- when I stared at somebody for too long
- saying HI to a stranger
- acting nuts in public
- jumping around
- looking at two person talking to each other in the library
- smiling for no reason
- asking a friend an abrupt unrelated question
- crying in public
- talking to a stranger whom I thought was a friend

If you have faced different or funny situations like this, do post a comment and share the story ;)

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