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Golden Globe Thanksgiving

It is now time for me to say thank you to many people...although I did not win any Golden Globe or whatsoever :) These people have opened my eyes and touched my heart to see and feel something that majes this life so much more beautiful. And I truly feel ashamed that I haven't been loving them :(

Nevertheless, here it goes:

My aunt - when I was back in my hometown for a week, my aunt bought breakfast for me every morning even without me asking. And she didn't ask for a cent back.

My grandmother - everytime I see her, I want to cry. I am sure you would too. She's in critical serious stage of osteoperosis, and yet she gathers her strength to cook my favourite dishes and nutritious soups for me when I am back in my hometown. Oh God, I pray really hard that He will save her.

My lovely family - my parents and brothers, and cousins made me realised that I am one of the luckiest person in this world. Without them, what would I be??

My wonderful close friends - thank you for reminding me that God is always near, and that the rainbow is always the most beautiful thing, and sunsets will not be what they are without you all, the CDs you lent me, the 1 cents you gave me and everything else. I love y'all...

My not-so-close friends - thank you for smiling at me or smiling back at me when I smile at you.

TY - all those times you have to bear with my imperfections. Thank you for your patience, although I know you have very little of it :)

Eveyone else - thank you for giving me the opprtunity to share my love, joy, and chocolate with you.

All those perasan and seemingly incorrigible people out there - without you all, I will have one thing less to work on towards knowing God. Thank you being a challenge.

Good luck to you all.

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