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Victim of Prejudice

My landlady hates me.
Everything I do in her eyes is wrong. She'll confront me alone even if other housemates did the same thing as me. She depises me just because I have a large circle of wonderful friends. She accuses me for being evil, and asked me why I cannot be like other housemates who were according to her good because they do not bring friends to the house. Yes, those were her words.

But other housemates have brought their friends to the house, not once but many times. And she knew it. Why only bombard me?
Clearly, she has prejudices against me.
...for wicked and deceitful men have opened their mouths against me... Psalm 109:2

She calls me a socially promiscuous girl. She sees me as chastised... for the friends I have.

She hates Malays and Indians for no reason, well, at least she couldn't give me one reason when I asked her why. And just because a friend, Indian/Malay, comes to my place for tuition and help in her studies once or twice a week, she hates me. The problem clearly lies with her, not me. So much for 'perpaduan'.

She accused me for being 'bu san bu si' (having chaotic lifestlye) because, according to her, I bring all sorts of friends to the house. Until today, only AiChing, Joy, my tuition friend, Mandy and a junior came to the house before. The tuition friend had only needed academic help, so was my junior who only came once yesterday. Mandy only sat in my room for 10 minutes while she waited for me to pack to go back to hometown because she was giving me a ride to the jetty. And my landlady said "That day you some more brought an aunty home". Joy, came only twice, for prayer, less than 15 minutes, and to collect the stuff for the CF BBQ. AiChing, she only came to change so we could go for our evening walks along Gurney.

Only 5 persons...and she said that I am 'bu san bu si'.
...With words of hatred they surround me; they attack me without cause. In return for my friendship they accuse me... Psalm 109: 3-4.

Besides for my friends, she also despised me in other things, things that other housemate did as well. But she only confronted me. She should have lay down the restrictions and regulations when I moved in, not now. Or perhaps she should list down her love's and hate's (the list would probably only have endless hate's). She calls me evil....for being kind to my friends. Oh, I want to hate her so much!! But I won't.

I pray to the Lord to remove her prejudices, and also to remove the anger in me towards her prejudice against me. I know there's no need to hate her, because the Lord will deal with her.
...when they attack they will be put to shame, but your servant will rejoice. Psalm 109: 28.

Yes, through all these struggles I have been blessed. With more wonderful friends added to my already large circle of wonderful friends, who let me see my worth, and let me know they love me. Thank you God. Thank you Xiao Yue, Joy ;) and TY.


  1. *hug* If I can survive Betty, you can survive your landlady! Love ya.

  2. lova ya guys!
    i am healed, overnight!
    m ok wif my landlady d. couldnt care less now. no anger, no hatred, nothing. just pity her for being so racist...so narrow minded!
    hepi cny!